United Airlines auctions seat on 1st Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight

By David Flynn, February 17 2012
United Airlines auctions seat on 1st Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight

United Airlines will auction off a seat on the maiden flight of its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner later this year.

And it won't just be any flight of Boeing's next-get jet, but the 'delivery flight' from Boeing's 787 assembly plant in Seattle back to United's hangers at San Francisco Airport before the 787 enters commercial service.

Delivery flights are usually staffed only by a handful of airline crew including technicians and, for some special events, a handful of invited media.

The auction will be restricted to United's VIP frequent flyers as part of the MileagePlus Headliners programme unveiled earlier this year, which lets frequent flyers "use their miles to bid for a host of experiences" including "airline adventures that money can't buy", according to the airline.

"Later this year, it will offer the chance to fly on a United Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivery flight."

Auctions and experiences are becoming an 'in thing' with airlines.

Japan's ANA used eBay to offer two seats on the inaugural flight of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner last October, fetching a whopping A$32,700 (which ANA donated to a Japanese environmental group).

Based on that, we'd expect bidding for United's prestigious 787 delivery flight to easily top the one million miles mark.

Qantas has also joined the ranks of the 'exclusive experience' set with last year's launch of its elite Platinum One frequent flyer tier, and you'd like to think that a ride in the Red Roo's first 787 – which Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says is due mid-2013 – would be high on the list of money-can't-buy treats. 

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