Full details: Qantas' new Platinum One VIP frequent flyer level

By David Flynn, October 19 2011
Full details: Qantas' new Platinum One VIP frequent flyer level

Qantas is piling on the 'personal touch' perks at the new Platinum One status level of its Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

The freshly-minted 'VIP' grade boasts:

• A dedicated contact number to link members to the Platinum One Special Service Team, which will monitor, support and enhance their travel experience every step of the way

• Complimentary exit row seating (where available) on selected Qantas-operated International flights – and when you're slumming it in economy, access to more seating options in the first few rows of the cattle-class cabin

• Access to extra Qantas Classic Award and Flight Upgrade Award seating on domestic and international Qantas operated flights (with a Qantas flight number on their ticket), without award booking fees for making a telephone booking

• Confirmation of successful upgrade requests as early as seven days prior to departure (for Qantas operated services with a Qantas flight number on their ticket)

• Priority over other Frequent Flyers for International upgrades requests right up until flight departure

• Complimentary membership of epiQure by Qantas Frequent Flyer, the recently launched premium food and wine club

• Personalised gifts and experiences, from tickets to Qantas-sponsored events, to an experience inside a Qantas flight simulator and more.

How to qualify for Platinum One

Only the busiest of business travellers will qualify for Platinum One, which requires 3,600 'status credits' to join (by comparison, 'standard' Platinum requires 1,400 status credits).

That's equivalent to five first-class return flights between Australia and London per year – or, perhaps more realistically, twenty-three business class flights between Melbourne and Auckland.

And you'll want the bulk of those trips to be on Qantas aircraft or QF codeshare flights with oneworld partners such as BA – because 2,700 of your qualifying status credits must be made on what the airline calls 'Qantas marketed flights'.

The status credits you earn while jetting about on any old oneworld airline won't count towards Platinum One (although it will of course count towards Platinum as well as lifetime status up to Gold).

Invitations will wing their way to qualifying members this week, with inaugural Platinum One members being notified of their inclusion in the program by 7 November 2011.

Each inaugural member will qualify for the exclusive new tier status based on flight activity throughout the year prior to 1 November 2011. After that date, Platinum One membership will be assessed based on flight activity during their membership year.

Platinum One: fab or fizzer?

So what's your opinion on the Platinum One proposition? Has Qantas rolled out enough 'hard benefits' to sit alongside the more personal 'soft benefits', or does Platinum One fall short of what a Very Frequent Flyer would expect in return for their loyalty?


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2011

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Very disappointing to be honest!!

Come on, free Epiqure membership (worth 99AUD, big deal), free exit row seats (Plats already have this as far as I am aware, at least I have been able to book them).

The only "real" benefit I see is the upgrade notification window which is "up to 7 days" (there is a caveat there, it is not guarenteed 7 days, but rather 48hrs). Other than that there is nothing that would encourage me to fly two times as much with Qantas to get to Platinum One. I would rather put my money on a Star Alliance airline after I have hit the 1200 status credit I need for Platinum.

Why no confirmed upgrades to business class on domestic flights when available (common in the US)? Why no confirmed upgrades with points at time of booking? Why no "x" amount of free upgrade vouchers per year that for instance Lufthansa and United offer for their top tier flyers? Why no free car transfers between home and airport when flying business and above on Qantas (like Emirates has)

Again, a missed chance here for Qantas in my opinion.....poor offering!


15 Apr 2011

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Not enough to justify the points leap...

I am better off getting to my Plat renewal each year and then going and working on my Star membership - I get far more benefit having both OW Emerald and Star Gold then dedicating myself to QFF and reaching this tier (and isn't that the whole point anyway?) Granted no booking fees over the phone is good (but should be practice anyway if the booking is impossible online), but there is nothing there that makes me think it'd be worth it... 

Should have had any-time access, airport-city transfers, a proper/official 'platinum shadow' system (where they sometimes block the seat next to you) and free checkin/in-lounge upgrades if the seats exist. If they can't afford to do that at this points level then they should have raised it to a level where it was affordable for them.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Sep 2011

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Total fizzer and not worth the effort to get to 3600 status credits. As for the exit row seats, I get that with Platinum, unless that is another Platinum privelige they are taking away as they slowly erode the value of Platinum.

22 Jul 2011

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I suspect that there are other benefits that they have in mind that don't want to publicise as guaranteed benefits. Just as the personalised greeting that you get from the Customer Service Mgr when flying internationally when Platinum (and Gold?) isn't a defined benefit. I doubt that these Chairman-lite members will complain.

The only concern I have with the level is that regular Platinums have essentially been downgraded. And I'm sure some Qantas staff will act accordingly.

16 May 2011

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I wonder what might happen if QF spent sometime working on their relationship with the other 99% of their pax.

01 Feb 2012

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you mean the ones who make them 1% of their profits? rather than the 1% who make them 99% of profits? :)


07 Apr 2011

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The article fails to mention the 2700 status credits (of the 3600) that are required to be earned on "QF" flight numbers. Quite an important piece of information for those who travel regularly on other carriers.

24 Oct 2010

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Good point, we'll drop that in now!

17 Nov 2011

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Total fizzer.  I was waiting for this, received my "welcome" in the mail today.  None of the "extra benefits" matter at all to me.  Did they do any market research????

If you are earning this volume of points you already have a staff backing you up.

Epicure!!!!  Another group of people trying to sell me wine - wow what a benefit.

This actually encourages me to spread my flying around more on other airlines. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

05 Jan 2012

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But hey remember there are benefits that are unpublished.Qantas' unpublished platinum benefits revealed

i wouldnt try real hard just to get a free epicure membership and those other stupid benefits. If there are unpublished benefits in platinum i reckon there are about 3 times as many unpublished benefits for platinum one members!

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