• Showers with decent ventilation would be great as well.

  • QF is a joke domestically, but seems to be better on international departures.

  • As a QF platinum flyer this is really disappointing. I fly regularly SYD-MEL and are always in row 13 on a 737 offering the extra leg room. I felt as a loyal Qantas FF this was a nice reward for loyalty, but as time goes on, it appears that Qantas doesn't appericate it frequent flyers as muc...

  • It's only good if you can get a usable connection speed. On the majority of flights I've had with Emirates, that impossible.

  • Recently flew KBP - LHR in Club Europe. I struggle to see how they can justify that as business class. Absolutely no leg room, no entertainment for a 3.5hr flight and a average meal that wasn't much better than economy. Agree with row 1 having a bulkhead, so there's no advantage being at the...

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