• This will be nice when you're able to start redeeming TK awards using QF points ;) Coming soon to an FF Program near you.

  • It's now 0911 AEST and I can still see Economy and Premium Economy seats, so I don't think it is 'All sold out by 0715 AEST'...

  • Hi Jared7825I'm well aware of the differences between DOM and INT upgrade requests. Even someone with Bronze status can have a domestic upgrade confirmed on the spot if there is U class availability at the time the request is made.There is a chance, in some instances, that an international upgrad...

  • I'm not quite sure the Family Upgrades info is correct. My understanding, from recent dealings with the P1 SST, is that whilst family upgrades are assessed at P1 priority, they are actually processed in line with the family member's own status timeline. For example, if submitting a request for my...

  • Qantas' problem is that their checked baggage delivery in all major Australian ports is disgracefully slow. Which business traveller has the time to stand around for an hour at the baggage carousel waiting for their bag to be returned? Fix that and you might just find people are more inclined not...

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  • Travel Exemptions - Share Your Story?

    Oct 11, 2020, 12:15 AM

    Applied at 9.15am today, approved by 10am. Grounds for leaving was travelling overseas for more than three months. Process was very easy.

  • I've been told by very reliable sources that the soft opening of the Lounge will actually be within the first two weeks of November. Obviously the official opening would be around the dates mentioned above.

  • ABTC printing and delivery times

    Sep 08, 2019, 03:43 PM

    I'm now only waiting on Chinese Taipei and Papua New Guinea for the full card.I found the process to be very straightforward, and as of today I'm at exactly one month since AUS approval (which actually occurred same day as application).

  • ABTC printing and delivery times

    Sep 05, 2019, 08:09 PM

    Originally Posted by S Mine arrived in the mail in just under 2 weeks after approval. I would expect it to turn up some time next week, otherwise get the ball rolling for a business visa on Monday before you go. Vietnam visas can usually be turned around in 2 days. Out of interest, wa...

  • ABTC printing and delivery times

    Sep 04, 2019, 10:19 PM

    I received notifcation last Thursday (29AUG19) that my interim ABTC card had been issued.Does anyone have any recent anecdotal evidence as to current printing and mailing times?The automated email suggested:Your card will be added to the queue for the next available print run. Please note, due to...

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