Virgin Australia's Concierge service: meet & greet for top flyers

By John Walton, February 23 2012

Virgin Australia will be escorting its most valuable frequent flyers through the airport with a new Concierge service due to start at Canberra and on the Gold Coast, CEO John Borghetti confirmed to Australian Business Traveller.

"Effectively, what it says is exactly what it is: it's a concierge service. There'll be someone meeting and greeting you on arrival at the terminal and taking you through."

While intended for the crème de la crème of Virgin's Velocity Frequent Flyers, Borghetti wouldn't be drawn on specific eligibility other than saying it's for "certain -- obviously high-status -- people."

Borghetti explained how Concierge works: "Let's say you're a high-end Platinum. We'll know you're on that plane, or there'll be someone to meet you at the curbside if you so wish."

"It's to make sure the experience through the airport is all fine. And if there's any issues you need help with, well, that's what they're there for."

If that doesn't sound like your kind of style, Borghetti is quick to assure that low-key travellers can opt out.

And while keeping his powder dry on on timings or additional -- potentially international -- locations, Borhgetti admitted that there is definitely "a plan to roll out (the Concierge service) in other places".

In a wide range of announcements today, Virgin Australia also plans:

What do you reckon about the Concierge service? Would you like the full rockstar treatment, or would you rather slip into the lounge unobtrusively? Share your thoughts with fellow AusBT readers in a comment below.

John Walton

Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.

20 Jul 2011

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Sounds like what Lufthansa has for its top tier frequent flyers.  Now let's see them drive you to the aircraft in a Porsche Cayenne...

10 Mar 2011

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It's a  bit overboard really... Particularly for domestic flights. If it is for international and helps you through the formalities then I can understand but really... It's just Virgin trying to get some more attention. 


09 Nov 2011

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I guess it's a far better attention getter than let's say . . . grounding your airline?

And with the way SYD and MEL airports have been lately with the extreme ques, why not have that personal touch, bags carried for you and problems solved. Saves having to call the reservation centre number. And as was pointed out, it is for the very high end value guests who are probably used to having a PA with them or organising everything for them.

10 Mar 2011

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I think it would just slow you down. I rather get off the plane and be on my way.

What's it got to do with grounding the airline anyway? It's totally unrelated...! 


15 Apr 2011

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The high value, very high milage frequent flyers who are being targeted here are not the ones who have half a dozen PA's managing their phone/email while they go out to the golf course... They're the road warriors, who are flying very frequently and on flexible (or sometimes, J class) fares. Everybody I know who might fall into this category would consider an escort a waste of time - they walk from the curb to the priority security line to the lounge and to the priority boarding line.

Those who needs escorts bring them theirselves (ie politicians...)

27 Jul 2011

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I'd assume this is more like Qantas' Chairmans Lounge aimed at those with a lot of financial power/influence - CEO's and travel managers of large companies, federal politicians etc. rather than very frequent flyers...


15 Apr 2011

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Not sure I'd want to use this sort of service... If you're this frequent a traveller, you have your ways of doing things and are familiar with all the tricks - no need to be bogged down with another layer of 'customer service'.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 May 2011

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I guess its a way to "fast-track" through the smaller but equally important business airports. Might be usefull at busy times when running late. Good to see service still evolving at VA.

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