• If I ever one day manage to hit one of these specials I'll be dancing with joy. I have NEVER seen one of these pop ups, or even the special items they do in the evenings. And I travel a hell of a lot.   I've given up even looking out for them!!!

  • It's fantastic to see Vietnam Airlines going from strength to strength. I am actually tempted now to try their product.

  • I found it a good hard product, finally matching (and exceeding finally) the VA transcon product. What was an epic failure for my flight was the attrocious service I received on board. I was dipping my toe back in the water with my flight. It will likely be quite some time before I make another f...

  • Aboard the A380 Residence by Etihad

    Dec 23, 2014, 07:15 AM

    That was what they said was the reasoning behind the residence, to replace the need for a private jet. And judging by searches I have done it seems to have a good uptake already. James Hogan (CEO) has indicated that they are very happy with forward bookings on the residence and only need it to ha...

  • In a word, AWESOME!!! I fell in love with EY First class this year, but seats are so hard to get on EY due to high loads. Have used points for next years holiday, but had to go through SYD to get a seat.

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