Whisky review: Teeling's The Revival 15 Year Old Single Malt

By Martin Eber, May 26 2016
Whisky review: Teeling's The Revival 15 Year Old Single Malt

Teeling is a name you may not be familiar with in the world of whisky, but trust us – you should get to know it better, especially if you enjoy whiskies with a unique character all their own.

The independent Dublin-based family business is all about small batch bottling from selected casks of Irish grain and malt whisky.

Teeling's new 15 year old The Revival has recently landed in Australia, so here's our taste test.

Teeling Whiskey The Revival 15yo

Colour: Yellow gold.

Nose: Sweet, but not one-dimensionally so – there's both citrus sweetness and confectionary sweetness happening here. And, ummm is that carrot juice? Yes, Lots of carrots. And corn bread. Plus some vegetal notes, coconut and even a dash of lemon. It's a whisky with a bit of everything and something for everyone!

Palate: Smooth, viscous and incredibly rich (The Revival's maturation in rum casks is evident here). Sweet demerara sugar, molasses, with an underlying meatiness and hints of sesame and toasted oak. A hint of sherbert bon-bon lollies, grapefruit flesh, and green papaya again showcases the insane breadth of this dram. Intense but never overwhelming, it's very well constructed. 

Finish: Long with a hunt of smoke, a decent amount of oak, chamomile tea and some vegetable juice.

Rating: 91/100. Certainly a mixed bag of flavours, but all up very enjoyable.

Details: 46% ABV, A$160

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