Air New Zealand reveals Boeing 787 routes, seating

By David Flynn, June 25 2013
Air New Zealand reveals Boeing 787 routes, seating

Air New Zealand will fly its Boeing 787-9 to Shanghai and Tokyo as "key long haul destinations" for the new Dreamliner fleet, with secondary destinations including Perth, Honolulu and Papeete.

The Kiwi flag-carrier is the Boeing's launch customer for the 787-9, is a stretched version of the original 787-8 Dreamliner which can carry an estimated 40 more passengers than the base model 787-8 while also boasting greater range.

The airline expects to take delivery of the first 787-9 around the middle of next year, with two more to follow around September.

Air New Zealand has also revealed the seating configuration for its fleet of 10 Dreamliners.

“Given our 787-9’s will be multiple purpose aircraft – operating both long and mid-haul sectors – we’ve put a lot of research effort into coming up with four distinct seating selections that meet the customer expectations across the markets it will serve" said Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon.

Premium economy as 'Business-lite'

As expected, the pointy end will feature the airline's Business Premier seat which converts to a lie-flat bed fitted with a 'memory foam' mattress, duvet and two full size pillows.

However, the airline has chosen not to fit its award-winning premium economy Spaceseat to the 787-9, opting instead for what it calls "a customised seat best described as Business-lite."

AirNZ's Spaceseat has been dropped from the Boeing 787
AirNZ's Spaceseat has been dropped from the Boeing 787

Sourced from US seat designer Zodiac, the luxury leather seat will have a 41” pitch, a 5” wide armrest plus a leg rest and extendable foot support.

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The first 16 rows of the economy cabin will feature Air New Zealand’s Skycouch seats – a row of three seats where the legrest and armrests flips all the way up to converts the triple into a 'sofa-like' flat surface.

The Skycouch turns three seats into one 'sofa-like' space
The Skycouch turns three seats into one 'sofa-like' space

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The rest of the economy cabin will be fitted with a standard economy seat from Zodiac but customised to Air New Zealand's specifications including a slimline seat back for more space, sculpted upholstering and a more flexible headrest.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Aug 2011

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Any idea what off the shelf seats NZ are installing?  Premium economy seats with legrests and footrests will be welcome, which will be the main positive difference with the Spaceseats.

The key issue is that the 777-300s are not enough to operate all AKL-LAX or AKL-SFO services, as the NZ4/3 LAX services and at least one of the weekly NZ8/7 services require a 777-200 because 7 777-300s aren't enough to cover them

24 Oct 2010

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Libertyscott: no, if I knew that it'd be in the article. I've asked AirNZ for specifics but none forthcoming at this stage. As soon as we have something confirmed we'll add it here (and ideally with pics as well).


26 Jun 2013

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Given the limited information (i.e. Zodiac, "business-lite", pitch specs) it would seem this is the likely seat:  Zodiac Airgonomic FX Premium

But that's just my guess based on 2 minutes of quality google time!

I'll be interested to know NZ says.

undertheradar Banned
undertheradar Banned

28 Oct 2011

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AirNZ don't have a large fleet..and now they will have 2 'distinctly different' PremEco seating products..I predict unhappy pax!! ( a/c substitutions.. maintenance...schedule changes etc scenarios!!)   PAX 101 = CONSISTENCY!!

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

01 Mar 2012

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the problem with the spaceseat is that it has a huge heavy seat plate that it is mounted on. It adds too much weight.

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