Inflight IMAX: this business class seat has a 45” curved video screen

Strap yourself in to enjoy a CinemaScope-spec screen and noise-cancelling headrest speakers.

By David Flynn, May 28 2024
Inflight IMAX: this business class seat has a 45” curved video screen

The next stage in the evolution of business class could make that private suite more like a private box at a widescreen IMAX cinema – and yes, drinks and popcorn would be just the press of a button away.

Passengers settling into the new concept Maya business class suite would be facing a massive ultra-high-definition curved 45” CinemaScope-spec video screen, using the same sharp and bright OLED tech as the best wall-mounted home TVs.

You won’t even need a pair of headphones: noise-cancelling speakers will be built into the headrest.

And the suite itself draws on extensive ergonomic data to automatically optimise the cushion pressure, regulate the suite’s ‘micro-climate’ temperature and even reduce vibration disturbances during the flight.

“Maya is the fusion of enhanced physical, digital and smart technologies that exponentially enhance the cabin experience in ways individual solutions are unable to accomplish on their own,” says Ed Dryden, president of interiors at Collins Aerospace, which developed the concept with in-flight entertainment specialists Panasonic Avionics.

Dryden calls out the screen and headrest speakers as the keys to “immersive in-flight entertainment,” while the entire Maya product is touted as “the future of business class for the next generation of tech-savvy passengers.”

While it’s too early for any airlines to sign on the dotted line and install Maya at the pointy end of their jets, the concept shows an interesting direction for the future integration of seats and screens.


20 Oct 2020

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I’ll ask the obvious question, but how do in-headrest headphones not disturb those around you?

05 Mar 2012

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It's a total guess, but could be some beam-forming type tech that leverages waves intersecting to create volume exactly where the ears are located.

Air Canada - Aeroplan

28 Feb 2015

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Seems to me that the brightness and moving images on the huge screen means eyeshades for every other passenger, whether you like them or not.

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