Cathay Pacific reveals new credit card booking fees

By David Flynn, August 8 2016

Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to revise its credit card fees for bookings, in line with the Reserve Bank's new rules on surcharging.

From September 1, all Cathay Pacific bookings made though travel agents Australia will attract a percentage fee based on the total cost of the ticket rather than the current flat fee of $30.

Payments made using a Visa or MasterCard will attract a 0.99% levy, with American Express and Diners Club cards attracting a 1.3% markup.

In all cases, fees will be capped at $70.

Qantas last month announced it will axe its flat-rate credit card fee in exchange for a 1.3% cut of the booking, although those charges will be capped at $11 for domestic and trans-Tasman flights and $70 for international travel.

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Virgin Australia will also move to a percentage-based credit card booking fee, although the airline has not yet revealed what rate it will charge.

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23 Mar 2012

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Another added charge applied by CX ! They just keep coming on a regular basis . CX never charged a CC fee even though $30 is mentioned in this article ,this is a new charge just like the airport construction charge .



20 Apr 2014

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Probably worth comparing the cost of booking in HKD via the e-service centre in HK rather than getting stung wth a card surcharge they likely only apply to online bookings ex-AU



14 Aug 2014

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Didnt know CX even charged $30 for buying online...

Have never paid this fee over the years



21 Apr 2012

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My corporate travel agent charged me this recently.



20 Jun 2014

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RTFA... it says this fee applies when booking through a travel agent. There's no credit card fee when booking through CX direct and I assume there still won't be. Guess they don't want to encourage the competition...



Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

10 Aug 2016

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Greedy. Let mney to pay the new A350s (no overhead compartments in Economy class) and 777-XWB planes.  Poor management.

ALso Cathay Pacific cut 10%+ shorthaul flights together with DragonAir by order of the Hong KongAirport Authority due to the low grade and expensive Air Traffic System. What a joke?

Think before you choose Cathay Pacific for shorthaul flight for your next ticket. Flights can be canceled without letting you know until the last minute. It ruins you trip complete.


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