Quickest way to earn 1 Avios

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While I've left it a bit late i'm looking to redeem my Qcredits from the Qatar status match for an upgrade. I've tried following various guides however you cannot search for award avalibility anymore without 1 Avios in your account.

I've signed up to BA Executive Club and made a couple of purchases through their shopping portal (to US addresses inline with their T&Cs) however they seem to be quite slow in crediting the Avios.

You cannot purchase Avios without 1000 already in your account & ExpertFlyer cannot currently search Qatar avalibility.

So whats the quickest way to get 1 Avios so that I can try and find a flight to use my upgrade on?


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Do you have any hotel points? Accor, Hilton, Marriot etc let you convert your points to Avios (generally giving very poor value for points, but if you're desperate it's an option).

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You should be able to find availability on Qatar through the AA website

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Do you have CBA card? Q miles is listed as a partner so I suspect you can transfer to Q avios from CBA. Citiprestige is another CA that does it but it's not a common card.

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