Best SQ aircraft for business?

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had any strong opinions about which SQ aircraft (380/350/777) was the best for business class? TIA!


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Singapore Airlines Business class is great, no matter what you're flying. So no strong opinions. But I personally find the regional business class seat, which you'll find on their 787s and some A350s, a tiny bit narrow. Their long-haul A350 and 777 seats are wide and comfortable, though if you're taller you'll want a bulkhead and you need to get out of the seat to convert it to a bed. So overall the A380 seat is probably the best, but really you can't go wrong with any Singapore product.


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The a350 in either config is my preferred sq biz. Very new and a Quiet cabin. But if you can score an a380 that's always a nice way to fly though they getting on a bit now…I find the 777 quite noisy in comparison.

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Hello, @docsimonm

My personal fave is still SQ's a380, even if it features an older seat. The sheer feeling of spaciousness and quiet is unequalled. Second fave is the a350 featuring the long-haul seat, and thirdly the a350 featuring the regional business class seat. Both are roomy and quiet. I really dislike the extremely noisy 777, regardless of the seat. Yes, I've got noise-cancelling earphones, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to wear them for 14 hours straight! So basically, I would gladly fly any SQ aircraft except for the ear-splitting 777.


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The older seats on the A380 and 777-300ER are my pick. I dont find the noise on the 777 that bad. I hate any of the capsule types such as on the A350. Very claustrophobic.


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On a similar topic - I have heard Singapore Airlines has brought back printed menus across First and Business Class after numerous complaints about it from customers.

There is nothing premium about scanning a QR code and scrolling through your mobile to view a menu - so glad they did bring it back.

But has hot towel service returned - does anyone know?

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