VA flight change - no mention of downgrade

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Has anyone else come across VA changing aircraft which has resulted in the removal of business class?

Had a flight booked to Adelaide, received a notification of a flight change with no mention of a change in aircraft or downgrade from business to economy. It was only by chance I went to check seating and saw all economy.

Had spent over $600 for this flight and when I phoned up there was no offer of apology. Now I'm waiting 30 days for a refund.


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Not trying to have a go, but I thought VA lost you as a customer back in 2020, and 2021? You were very adamant in your commentary about that.

VA changed the equipment type PER-ADL to be operated by VARA A320 - assume temporarily and based on access to more aircraft and Perth based staff. Im sure I recall Qantas using Qantaslink/Network A320 A/C and crew also on some flights.

Not the best service if there was no acknowledgement about your downgrade but chances are you beat them to it when you saw the seat map change.

Did you have to ask for the refund difference? Took me 3 business days to get refund back from Virgin I think they advise up to 30days though. Still better then my Qantas experience back in April where cancelled and refunded only to chase up a month later to be told the refund request hadn't been put through..The only positive I can see is that atleast you got through to customer service, and probably didn't have to wait hours on the phone.

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Contacting you with reasonable notice is common courtesy and being proactive. Not attributes found in most carriers these days.

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