True Value of Frequent-flyer Points

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I think this highlights very clearly the true value of using points for Business Class, attached are the Business Class flights I recently managed to secure using Qantas Frequent-flyer points, it is our planned itinerary (all legs Business Class) with Air France for Aug/Sept 2023. The attached shows how much the same flights would have cost us if we had to pay for the same Business Class seats, a staggering AUD$34,701. All we had to fork out was 487,400 FF points and AUD$1,778.64 in taxes!! The Singapore legs outbound and return are the Air France new Business Class 1-2-1 configuration!


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Nice to use those QF points and find a nice redemption!

Dollar per point saved very nice.

However Aussies unfortunately are beholden to Qantas and spend an inordinate amount on redemptions. For eg I am flying with my wife in biz return in March 23 from Sydney to Singapore and used American miles. 160k for the two of us and about $300 in taxes.

In March this year my son and I flew from Dallas to Sydney on QF metal using Alaska miles in biz. I think it was 55k Alaska miles and around $11 in taxes. Qantas was charging 133k miles and about 500$ taxes for its own flight.

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Ok how the $@:? did you find that redemption?? We’ve been looking for something similar for months. Points are worth nothing if you can’t use them, but it seems you’ve lucked out??


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Arnu, nice you got some flights and I certainly agree there is value in QFF points if used to secure business class seats. I noticed you posted a month ago commenting on the complete lack of business class classic rewards on the QF website. I have been monitoring and see almost nothing being made available at release time. Even today PER-LAX shows availability on 5 Oct 23, but if that day is selected the website doesn't show a flight. It is probably Cathay Pacific based on previous searches I made and it eventually comes into the range of dates that QF are released. But then, the Perth-Hong Kong sector is not offered. I was thinking of using points to get out of Australia and then buying the rest of the trip, but I can't even see any Perth-Singapore availability. Any tips on how you were successful?

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I am not necessarily talking about the availability of awards rather using much cheaper currencies to book these flights. I keep all my points at a card level eg amex and then distribute them to the best program. I am an American Airlines platinum and they offer redemptions at a far better rate (lower points and fees than Qantas). I buy LifeMiles and Alaska miles to purchase redemptions. And I also bought a million points f from the simply miles promotion. Last week I booked Qatar airways first class from Sydney to Doha in June 23 for 100k American miles and $59. No idea what wantas would try to charge me. But I imagine it’s brutal. American has free cancellation on awards so I’ll move it if I don’t like that date.

If you only have qantas (and even Singapore) points you’re in a rough place.

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