Two Seperate Tickets with SQ

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Booked paid ticket BNE - SIN and Redemption ticket SIN to BKK - whats the chance of them checking me all the way through?

both tickets are with Singapore Airlines - only 60,000 Kris miles and expiring so decided to use them SIN - BKK

Reason for seperate ticket is that SQ dont allow mix sector cash/miles redemptions

(Transit time between flights is 3 hours)


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Email SQ and get them to link the bookings. I doubt there will be a problem.


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Get them to add the connection when you check in , they will then check your bags all the way. Airlines will generally join two bookings of the same airline together at the airport especially if one is a revenue ticket and the other is points.

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Definitely no problem checking all the way through. Have done that before, even if both legs are point booking. With star alliance, even different airlines have no problem, heck, I've even done ANA connecting Qantas check through.

But not with One World. It is stated clearly in their policy that if 2 different tickets they will not check through. Even the same ticket, if the dates are different, eg. Connecting BNE-MEL-NRT on QF and JL, because JL departs at 00:15, QF said it's the next day and they don't check in baggage for next day's flight.

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