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Flying to Auckland this morning and was delighted to find that a brand new, smaller, additional lounge has opened on the ground floor. Apparently it opened at 7AM this morning!

This lounge uses the same entrance from the International terminal as the existing lounge and provides a peaceful, more intimate alternative with excellent service from the lounge staff.

It looks great with the brand new fit out and certainly gets a thumbs up from me!


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Sounds like a good place to be pre-flight. Doubt you know the answer to this, but did they say if it would be open for the 3pm-11pm evening flights, or just in the mornings for that peak load?


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Its the old Air NZ lounge from memory. Qantas took it over and refurb'd it so as to use it as a overflow lounge in the mornings. If they're using it again it must mean its getting busy upstairs

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