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“We won’t get ourselves into the position we got in before where we were spread too thin and we had concerns about profitability on a seasonal basis. We won’t put ourselves in that position again,” said Mr Aggs.

For that reason, more flights across the Tasman were out of the question, with Virgin Australia currently flying to just one New Zealand destination — Queenstown.

“That was one of the areas where the previous organisation really struggled and in fact Qantas has struggled as have many other carriers to make trans-Tasman profitable,” Mr Aggs said.

“If you think about the amount of capacity that will come back on trans-Tasman it’s unlikely we’ll go into other destinations. There’s way too much competition at a unit cost level and it’s difficult to compete with wide-body aeroplanes doing that sector.”

Recent article from The Australian.

Found this rather disappointing as I was hoping VA would return to Auckland etc. Trans Tasman flights are ridiculously expensive at the moment, hard to understand how it can’t be profitable.


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Virgin is a business. They will fly their planes where they expect to be most profitable. They will have a lot of data behind their decisions.


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WLG would not be profitable, QF talking about downsizing to a220 or E195 there. CHC also not enough traffic. AKL? Maybe in a few years?


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They’re virgin Australia. A domestic airline now. They’ll only do intl if sufficient leisure traffic to make it profitable, ie Queenstown and Bali etc

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