Has anyone dealt with a website called flymebusiness.com?

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Has anyone dealt with a website called ' flymebusiness.com' based in San Francisco? Seem to have great bus class fares but I usually dislike booking away from actual airlines sites. Thanks


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Interesting. I just did a search AKL-WLG (knowing full well no airlines operate business class on these sectors) and this website told me I could for $1700... 



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I have better one! They happy to sell me First (sic!) class ticket from Mildura to Dubbo and back for tomorrow (sic, sic!!) by Spanair (sic, sic, sic!!!) for mere $2783.

One has to be COMPLETELLY mad to use them


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Do yourself a favour and use your frequently flyer miles or pay for an upgrade. I have not found anyone who has had a good experience with a non licensed travel agent. The only upgrades I would trust is those coming directly from the airlines, I have upgraded a few times with Emirates by paying the upgrade amount in there emails which works out quite cheaper.


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Mirroing the sentimate found here. I think a majority of these services are on selling reward flights. You hear stories of these being canceled at the gate as it is against their policy to sell them. You also are not likely to be earning any points on this tickets. 



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Another one! (not you, but company/website)

Read this: http://www.ausbt.com.au/qa/anyone-ever-used-guys-like-alpha-flight-guru-or-fly-luxury-for-less

and good luck

Phil Young


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Try using Google Earth and Streetview and you'll find that the street address on their website is in the middle of a light industrial area.  Whilst it might be legitimate and have an office, not that I could see one, it certainly doesn't have what anyone would call a shopfront.


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I agree all I've been emailing them to probe into the business and it's definately not legitimate in my eyes.. 


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Our ticket was cancelled when we showed up for the return flight from Asia to the USA. Had to fork over more than $9000 to make it back home on the same itinerary. United Airlines calls that a fruad case and the reservation was canclled by thier security department. Still waiting for the appropriate reply from this outfit. No one seems to be in charge. Looks like induviduals working from their home. AVOID THIS OUTFIT AT AL COST!

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