Which airline has lie-flat beds for Sydney-Vancouver?

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Hi all again, I need some help, can anyone suggest which airline is best which uses aircraft with actual lie flat beds.. Going SYD-YVR prefer a stop over somewhere in Asia.. Thanks!


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Rach24: Air Canada has lie-flat beds for their Sydney-Vancouver-Toronto service, but if you really want a stop-over in Asia I would suggest Cathay Pacific. I rate their business class as better than Air Canada and you can do CX from Sydney to Hong Kong, enjoy Cathay's very good lounges (and HK in general if you want a real stopover, not just a short break in the airport), and then go on to Vancouver. But check which plane CX has from HK to Vancouver: if it's a Boeing 747 it will have the older business class which is a fully flat bed but is their 'cubicle/coffin' design, which some people like for its privacy but many travellers (myself included) find it's is too enclosing and also too narrow, especially around the shoulders. if the CX flight to Vancouver is a Boeing 777 you'll have the newest and much better business class.


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I agree that Cathay is easily the best, if not the only, option if you want an Asian stop and fully flat bed all the way. SIA don't fly to Vancouver while all the other Asian carriers who do are still offering angled flat seats on their services to Australia. You could also do Emirates through Dubai to Seattle, though it's a rather long way around and involves a painful transit through the US. 


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You could also do QF to LAX on the A380, then Alaskan to YVR.


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Air Canada have a nonstop flight from Sydney to Vancouver. There's plenty of others such as Qantas, Virgin etc with a stopover but I've found AC the cheapest from Sydney to Vancouver in the past.


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Sounds like you need RouteHappy (https://www.routehappy.com/).

Compares flight prices but also provides a happiness factor, based on seat, IFE, WIFI, powerpoints, service, direct flight, layover length etc. It gives information on the likely product you will get on each leg based on schedule. Easy way to compare prices and decide what you will compromise to save some dollars.

Out of interest, i plugged in some dates in March and the site recommends Air Canada. It's reasonably priced, non stop and has a full flat bed.


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 David: Cathy now flys a 777 from HKG to YVR

Also consider Delta as they have an early entry into LA and your layover is extreamly short. 


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The direct SYD - YVR is also a flat bed (AC 34).


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I agree, if you really wnat to or have to do a stopover in Asia for business for example then Cathay Pacific from Sydney to Hong Kong and on to Vancouver is the way to go.

But unless you HAVE to do that stopover why not go with Air Canada? They have decent business class with lie-flat beds, it's a LOT faster being a direct service and if you join Aegean's frequent flyer scheme before your trip you can claim Aegean miles on Air Canada and get Star Alliance Gold status just with that trip! (See http://www.ausbt.com.au/how-to-get-star-alliance-gold-frequent-flyer-status-with-one-flight for details)


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I agree with Al. Why have two 10ish hour flights when one flight is all that is needed. AC would suffice, but then again if you want the better service (and time) then yes, go with Cathay.

Also - have you considered Air NZ? Auckalnd is on the way and Business Premier is simply great.

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Thanks everyone good tips, I agree air Canada seems the best way for efficiency,and a good product, will see what the Mr thinks.. Thanks!

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