QF vs EK First Class.

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QF vs EK First Class.

I am flying F from MEL to SIN on EK 777-300ER. I have flow QF First before but want to know people's thoughts on which is better. This will be my first time up the front of an EK operated flight.

Is the 777 product significantly different to the EK A380 product?



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Which is "better"? That's very subjective, and you will need to find your own answer to that - and you will only know your own answer after you have completed your flight.

Some people swear by EK First, and some people want to stab themselves in the jugular every time they see wood-effect and brass. Some people have fallen in love with ICE and Arabic coffee, while others would rather choke to death on the pre-departure dates.

It really all boils down to taste.

The First suite, however, appears to be identical on the 77W and 380 - the inconsistency is in Business.


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+1 Watson374, love it.

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wilsoni Banned

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Each to their own I agree, but for me it's EK every time.  More usable space, better ICE, better food and wine, better lounges (except maybe at SYD), less attitude, more service oriented to premium class.  And a shower when you're on the 380. Some of the EK ground handling could be improved (especially MEL) but it's a minor flaw.


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Nick there is little difference other than a shower which is on the A380,and as Wilsoni says the SYD/MEL first lounges.


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Having flown First on Qantas' A380 and First with Emirates on both their A380 and 777 aircraft recently, I can offer some input.

All are fairly decent, and ultimately it comes down to personal preferences. However I'd say champagne was better on QF, seat is better on EK, ICE is better on EK, food is marginally better on Qantas, service varies between crews too much to make a call (although I thought the EK 777 crew gave the best service), bathrooms go to EK A380 (although don't bother with the shower, except as a one off - its a gimmick really and nowhere as decent as a shower in the Lounge), and First Lounge goes to QF (although EK lounge not far behind, and a real plus if only travelling in Business).

I find the QF First seat hard, although I do like that it is in breathable fabric. The best thing about the Qantas First Lounge is the restaurant - Spa quality can vary from good to bad (in SYD), Champange is decent but not as good as onboard, and chairs in lounge not all the comfortable (but old style flight status board is plus).


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"Is the 777 product significantly different to the EK A380 product?"

The seat/suite is exactly the same.  There are of course on onboard showers on the B77W.



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I am not fan of EK altogether and in particular their childish looking fake wood and other “luxury” items – it is cartoonish even on photos. Saying that I would fly them if someone buys me a ticket. And yes, shower IS appealing. YMMV.


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Is YMMV "Your Mileage May Vary", or is it something else?

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