You are Alan Joice- what would you do in the next 12 mths?

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You are Alan Joice- what would you do in the next 12 mths??


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It's Joyce, not Joice.


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If he has faith in his strategy then he should stay and work his arse off to prove the doubters wrong.

If he doesn't, then he should be negotiating a bumper exit package with the board and jumping ship asap.


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Cancel all next to nothing flights cost for employess families other than partner or spouse, all QF supplied fights must be in economy. Add more award flights to from USA.

Allan to take his money and go live anywhere other than OZ.


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gumshoe, don't let facts get in the way! For "family" (just parents by the way...) it would cost $89.83 each, one way, for a staff ecocomy ticket SYD-MEL. This ticket is only valid for any EMPTY seat on a flight. For comparison's sake, the Jetstar fare is $40 each. Qantas makes a fortune out of staff travel - they're selling EMPTY seats to their own staff!


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I would not say that they make a fortune out of the program, but it at least enables QF to cover some of their costs. For the most part, particularly on domestic flights, Qantas staff only have access to empty seats. This often leads to staff being held on standby until the very last minute. Even if staff purchase a First class ticket, the conditions are that if there are no seats in First, they could be bumped down to business, premium or economy. Either way, so long as the fare covers the cost of food and amenities and taxes, which it does, then it goes some way to cover overheads. Where I believe that the program is costly is where those who have been made redundant still have access to the program for the number of years that they have served Qantas.


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Sack the guy who stands at the entrance to the First Class lounge whose job it is to say "hello" (and that's ALL he does) to guests. You want to cut costs, I know where to start!


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The person at the entrance to the First Class is there mainly to check that you have access, and otherwise direct you down the hall to the Business Class lounge. Otherwise you would have a lot of people getting turned away at the top of the escalators.

The main person who mans that role is also always friendly and a credit to Qantas.


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What I would be doing.

- Working really hard with the staff and the unions on getting rid of outdated work practives and getting QF cost base domestically down to the same as VA

- Working really hard with the politicians on helping Qantas Internationally - this probably includes the QSA - but it also includes greater depreciation (allowing more fleet replacement), attacking airport charges (as a home carrier these impact Qantas more), greater allowance for offshore maintenance and crew bases (needed to get costs down), government contributing to airport development (eg. Brisbane 3rd runway  compared to govt run SIN and KUL where expansion just happens) and some form of debt help (noting that most competitors are govt owned and thus borrowing at govt rates)

- Confirming the 787 options which will replace 747s but with added frequency

- Finding a solution for SE Asia - whether this is flights to KUL and codeshares with MH, or flights to SIN and better co-ordination with JQ

- Getting JHK up and running (albeit this is probably less in his control)

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