• It may be a significant cost, but they also get a benefit (higher loads, higher yields, higher revenue) out of using the highly regarded Virgin branding. This is particularly true for international customers, especially in markets served by Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic. These customers ex...

  • How this shambles of an airline holds a coveted Skytrax 5 Star rating is beyond me. No... I am not talking about MH370 or MH17. MH was poor before these tragedies. EK, EY, CX, SQ, QF any day before MH.

  • I travelled on them in January. It was by far the worst airline I have ever travelled on. I boarded the plane and this musty stench hit me in the face. Then I took a look around to a sea of old greyish ("ish" only because they were partly brown from years of dirt caked on) leather benches. The ba...

  • Pretty lame. Unlike the Singapore Girl ads (some didn't have the plane in it either) you don't even get a sense of the product nor the destinations. When you live in Sydney and watch a whole bunch of Sydney scenes (see them everyday), it doesn't really drive you to go somewhere else. 

  • Just get those lwater bottles that they give you, put it into the pocket with the lid pointing into the back of the seat. Job done

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