I applaud VA for weighing all hand luggage on VA347 MEL>BRI last night!

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I applaud VA for weighing all hand luggage on VA347 MEL>BRI last night! There should be more of this! The carry-on is getting out of control WELL DONE!


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Does VA fly to BRI - Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport in Bari, Italy?

Maybe this is wan an Etihad flight? *Virtual Network - Rock on!* 


wilsoni Banned

wilsoni Banned

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Weigh on every single flight, or on none at all.  It's inconsistency that is the bane of air travel.


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Apologies - too early in the morning - was BNE..


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Sorry wozcor1. I was just being cheeky. 


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DId they show some leniency towards high stats pax?



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Agree – some pax has no sense, especially in budget carriers.

Few months ago I flew MEL-SIN by SQ. In their 777 there is 3-4-3 in economy. However I was sitting at back and there was only 2 seats near window (I have 2-nd from aisle in the middle). When I open my luggage compartment it was fully stuffed by clowns from two seats across aisle – 2 of then already stuff their compartment design for 3!. Moreover one of them jumps and yells, “Do not put here anything! There is fragile stuff here!”. I was immediately put myself in attack mode, but flight attendant came very quickly and defuse situation by putting my bag in row ahead. Then lady came from aisle seat nearby me. Flight attendant take her luggage and carry it away to put somewhere. WTF??? You have your seat and you have your luggage compartment – why you use mine? It is not my problem that you bring on board 3 cubic meters of rubbish! And while flight attendant did her job very well I would appreciate her efforts far more if she remove their luggage

But funniest situation happens on JetStar. I was flying their biz where naturally more space for luggage. At the end of boarding one angry women emerged from “ordinary” cabin carry her enormous bag and with words “F#ck this business class!!!” stuff her belongings into first available compartment! Everyone was amused – I reckon no-one would object if she asked politely (I certainly would not). Why to be so angry and rude when you like to pay peanuts and expected to be treated like a queen???

I would be only happy if they vigorously reinforce cabin luggage policy.


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Singapore Airlines do not do a 3-4-3 layout in economy class on any of their 777 cabins.  Thankfully!



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Hmmm... Seems like you right - they do 3-3-3. It was a while ago and I was definitely seated in the middle row and definitely not at aisle. So must be centre seat.


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I'm so over people carrying copious amounts of carry on and also the fact that it's rarely policed! 

I refuse to fly jetstar anywhere due to the fact I can't find room for my one small carry on because people push and shove to get onboard first and stuff there gigantic carry on bags into everyone else's locker as they have 2 or 3 bags so to save the $20 to get a checked bag! 


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What I am seeing more and more of is people dropping their bags above row 4/5/6 on QF domestic flights and then walking to row 12/13/14+ and so on for their seat. Seriously, so petty - just put your bag above your seat and everyone is happy.


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I think these measures must be carried out by all airlines. I was in Auckland for a couple of days last week, only took carry on. Prior to entering the Smart Gate area at Auckland International, I was kindly asked to weigh my carry on by a nice lady. Although I was caught by suprised I had no issue with this and I met the carry on requirements. The carry on policy must be adhered too at all times. 


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Personally I would support public flogging for those who exceed the carry on allowance, but unfortuately the namby-pamby do-gooders of the world would get their sensitivities all crinkled.

Maybe a simpler solution is to put in complusory weighing with a tier system:

  • 0-5% is OK, as your home scales might be off a tad
  • 5-10% overweight you get a raised eyebrow, which translates to buy yourself some better scles
  • 10-25% overweight you pay fine, say $50 a kilo.
  • more than 25% overweight, sorry but all your hand luggage is now the property of a suitable charity, and have a nice day.


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I don't really care about the mass of someone's hand luggage, only its volume. Provided it won't collapse the bin and they can easily lift it in and out, it can be gold bricks for all I care. 

From the airline's point of view, more massive hand luggage burns slightly more fuel, but given that 50 kg jockeys and 150 kg wrestlers software engineers pay the same fare it seems churlish to worry about a few extra kilos.


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Little incident which happened end of last year...

Air NZ has a 'Fast Bag' for its regional services where Golds, Gold Elites can obtain a 'Fast Bag' tag at the lounge. This is for bags which are too big to carry but you take them to the gate put them in a cart just before you board. This is then stowed. When the plane lands, the cart is put on the tarmac (regional) or just after the aribridge in the terminal. Bags can be collected and FF's are on thier merry way.

Anyway, when I took my roller down the jetbrige there were two older ladies dresses up thinking they owned the place. They were speaking (knowing that I could hear them) saying 'people shouldn't be allowed luggage that size' 'rules don't apply to some' etc. Then when I got to the Fast Bag drop the flight attendand placed my bag for me and then took me to my seat - anyway, the look on the ladies faces was priceless, Ha!

Long story short, this 'Fast Bag' system should be adopted more widely...

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