I applaud VA for weighing all hand luggage on VA347 MEL>BRI last night!

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I flew to Canberra last Saturday morning with QF. It was hysterical - boarding first in cattle - and only having a carry on man tote bag. I'm the smart one that takes out the ipad an everything I need - prior to mucking around in the aisle at the last minute - deciding - oh do I need my phone or not.

People - you got plenty of time to sort yourself before you board.

Anyway, sat there watching people in a cold sweat - hastily boarding with carry on cases one after the after.. it was like boarding Noah's Ark in 5 minutes. Cases being flung up the top - forcing it in no matter what was at stake. It was filling fast - the perspiration on faces in sheer panic as the overhead seatbelt sign was flashing. Small children mistakenly thrown up in the air.... My motto - if it needs to go overhead - just check it in and avoid the stress.. Perhaps offer Xanax at the gate prior? Is it like some sort of fear trying to not check it in? I get it that an occasional cases gets loaded - but its the ones that are almost splitting their seams - and requires great force to get the oversized case up above - then these shuold just be checked in.

Don't get me started on the return flight - watching a team of netball players - ALL getting on with sports bags and no checking them in... 2 bags took up a compartment - and it was a 3-3 seating config. Pity on the middle passenger. But then there was the passenger with a backpack stuffed to the brim, a wheel on case and man bag... just check it in for god's sake! Don't be that selfish!

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