Has anybody here used the 'I Fly Flat' website and service?

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Has anybody here used the 'I Fly Flat' website and service? I'm pretty good with managing my points but with all the changes happening these days I thought it might be smart to 'outsource' some of it to an 'expert'. I Fly Flat reckons they will help you optimise your points earning and then find and book the best value award seats. Has anybody here used them?


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This is my opinion of the service. Why should you have to pay someone a minimum fee of $55/months to manage your points. Thats $660 a year! You might aswell put that towards a flight or the added services they supposdley claim to provide (transfers) or even an Airline club membership such as the Qantas Club, Delta Sky Club etc. With chat forums such as this one, FlyerTalk, Australian frequent flyer and loyaltylobby.com (Through their daily newsletter I was able to succesfully apply for the etihad status match in Feburary)  you shouldnt really need iFlyflat. Hope this was of any assistance



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Yeah, $660/year too much. Agree that it is better to spend this money on Qantas Club or whatever.


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Hi guys,

I'm Steve, the founder of iFLYflat. Happy to answer any questions you have.

My business is primarily aimed at helping business owners and selected individuals with a full service to help them get the most out of their points. It is like Financial Planning for Points.

My customers are generally time poor, and would desire to spend more time either working on their business, corporate careers, choosing to spend more time with their family or just plain leisure time like watching TV.

So I help those guys to also get the benefit of better travel via professional management of their points, and provide a service to get their frequent flyer flights booked for them. 

Generally they have no interest in a DIY option and no interest of spending chunks of time to read about all the goodies options on offer. (which the various forums like this one, and others are excellent sources of information)

Hope this clarifies a bit more on what I FLY FLAT offers.


Steve - iFLYflat

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