Virgin Australia 'status run' for Velocity Gold

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Long time viewer & 6 mths out from VA gold review.

To boost my status points I was thinking of completing some quick trips this weekend onboard an ex Skywest Fokker. PER - BQB, 2 nights in Busselton then on Sunday BQB - ALH then immediately return back to Perth via BQB again. I can purchase flexi's for $512 which will nett me 80 status points.

What are your thoughts? Is this good value for money or can you receive better flight deals on east coast? It would equal to $6.40/ status credit.

Thanks for your feedback!


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As far as I'm aware there's not much better value on the east coast. MEL-OOL for $200 and 30 status credits is the option I've seen discussed most often, that's $6.66 per SC. You might be able to do slightly better, but not by much.

Personally I'd question whether Velocity Gold is necessarily worth paying $512+ to keep if you're not flying enough to maintain it organically, but if you feel like spending a weekend in BQB anyway then go right ahead.


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At that kind of price, I'd just buy QP.


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How much is Virgin's Lounge membership worth?


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$300 if you have silver.


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Also got to consider the Silver-Gold FF earn difference - 50% to 75% points bonus.

Say OP is earning 400 SCs annually (just missing the 500 SC qualification mark)

via say 20 x 10 SC flights (@ avg $150) and 10 x 20 SC flights (@ avg $250).

Annual spend of $5,500.

As Silver earns 41,250points. As Gold 48,125   -- so about another 7,000 points which if used well could equate to a few hundred dollars.

The the international partner benefits if travelling overseas.

And the lounge benefits (which as noted above can be bought for $300)

And then the hotel benefits (match to Hilton Gold) with free internet (and particularty in Asia often free breakfast/ EL access)...

Depending on OPs usage can see a justification for a run.


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Yep, there are certain sets of circumstances in which it's worthwhile, but it's definitely worth doing the maths in your own particular set of circumstances. I'll note also that it's very difficult to squeeze "a few hundred dollars" of value out of 7,000 points, and that the Hilton gold match is a one-time-only thing; if you're renewing your Velocity gold then your Hilton gold is expiring (as I understand it anyway).

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