Anyone any thoughts on transiting via BKK now there's a coup.

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Anyone any thoughts on transiting via BKK now there's a coup. I presume a transit will be ok but would appreciate any thoughts.


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NO PROBLEMO   whatsoever !!!!!


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Well, luckily (or perhaps "luckily") it's a miltary coup, and the military are generally better at keeping stuff running (like, say, air traffic control) than angry mobs might be. So I wouldn't worry about it. 

DFAT issued a travel warning but warned Australians out of a few areas (Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and Songkhla) so I wouldn't be too worried even if I were leaving the airport and hanging around Bangkok. 


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There's been a warning against travel to Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and Songkhla for as long as I can remember. This is not related to the civil unrest or the military coup, but the muslim minority's separatist violence in the most southern parts of the country (where these areas are located).


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I wouldn't have thought they'd be any safety problems for transitting passengers. I was a Don Muang once as a coup started, watching CNN at the airport showing the tanks on the street of Bangkok. Although this time they've blocked CNN.

The coup may reduce demand for flights to Bangkok and see airlines adjust their schedules. So there will be an increased risk that connections between airlines that works according to today's schedule may go pear-shaped over the coming weeks as one or both flights are re-scheduled. For the moment  I'd avoid booking tight connections at BKK for the months ahead that are not on the same ticket.


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Connections may go pear-shaped due to curfews and the like, but as a passenger at BKK you should still be okay. As Hugo has stated, it's the armed forces that hold control now, not the yellow or red angry mobs.

Travel warnings for deep southern provinces neighbouring Malaysia have been around forever, as have the minor bombings and shootouts. I mean, come on - walk around Hat Yai markets and you can buy everything from jackfruit and sticky rice to assault rifles and combat knives.

Transit should be fine, but if you're still worried I'm happy to float possible reroutings.


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Should be fine as long as your layover timings are not clashing with the curfew, and if you don't need to use the expressways (which are reportedly all blocked off).

I was there during the last coup in '06, and mobility and a decrease in the number of operating food carts were the only minor annoyances.

Have fun!

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