Supporting the elimination of all Qantas mainline flights to Asia.

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Supporting the elimination of all Qantas mainline flights to Asia.Why do Qantas to this day continue to operate flights to Asia.The aircraft on these routes have lost money or not maintained margins at best since the Emirates alliance and before.Please as a P1 ff get the hell out of this region. Code share it out or Jet star it Get these aircraft on QF domestic.And if scheduling prevails do Santiago daily.A lot of corporate business in the front and always full in the back.And turn around that A380 MEL/LHR at Dubai and get to pax to LHR from the daily SYD flight to LHR. Even eliminate the flight to MEL/LHR and get the aircraft A380 operating BNE or SYD/LAX additional.The savior of Qantas like it or not do is not being a world airline.Heck i pulled out a 1990 old blue timetable,where are we today on QF mainline..NO Rome,Frankfurt,Paris,Bali,Tahiti,HNL to mainland US,SFO and other destinations.Its a genuine shell now.But with current management is their a reason to have faith.In any other part of the world AJ and the other two side sticks would be fired...but its modern day Australia and with the ULTRA HIGH wages and all the JOB losses nothing changes and it still costs Qantas more to operate a flight that A380 to LHR/LAX than any other carrier by along way.The QF corporate plan will eliminate QF in the region will eliminate QF anyways as a new business cabin will take to a year ..and no PE.GET OUT NOW!Would you not get out to save what is remaining of QF INT operations.


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Do you even fly to Asia?


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Can you please go qantas bash somewhere else? Like frequent flyer or even route happy if you can. 


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Robert why all the Qantas bashing all the time ,if you can't say enthing positive once in a while then don't


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No one cares.

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I wonder who he 'consults' for??


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Seriously Robert, this is ridulous.  Alan Joyce a few months ago all bar the PER-SIN made money.  Really, if you are not happy with Qantas, fly Virgin Blue or go work for them or create a friends of Virgin Blue society.  QANTAS is my preferred airline, they are not perfect, but I will not fly anyone else in this country. 


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"Side sticks" - love it!


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Some trolls have big appetites and require constant feeding.


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Why do most people who responded take Robert's point as an attack?

I find that most curious. 

I think he has some valid points albeit presented in a manner that appears confronting rather than engaging.


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I agree in sense that some points are valid, but the bashing is getting a little old.  


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I agree with the basic premise that American flights are more profitable and should be milked for all they're worth, but I disagree with the idea that all the Asian flights should be terminated, as i) this is the Asian Century, ii) they seem to do acceptably well, and iii) I actually fly these routes.

My perception is that Robert's rant is just ideological railing against QFi in Asia, but I may be wronger than the wizard who though the time was ripe for a cheese cauldron.


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Wrong side of the bed perhaps?


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In a pubic forum having an opnion is best expressed and positioned with strong arugments of fact. In this case, there is not one piece of justifiable fact given. 

Qantas' 13/14' Annual report gives an impresive 81% load factor on Qantas International flights.

Regardless of your opinions on Qantas and it's bottomline, it is narrow-minded to say the least to entertain the thought of removing all Qantas metal from Asia. While Qantas may no make the profits akin to Emirates, Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific, they hold a valuable portion of the market. Robert i'm not sure the last time you were on a Qantas flight to Asia, but every one i've been on has had a full business cabin, full premium economy cabin and high usage in the economy cabin. And if you were to go by the number of businessmen and families in Asian-port lounges alone, that would itself contradict any point you've made. 

Your points reagrding the A380 usage to LHR are unjustified and wrong. If Qantas wasn't filling two daily flights to LHR on the A380, then i'm positive AJ would have downgraded one flight, or terminated in DXB as you have suggested. He hasn't, because the flights are full.

Finally, the reason Qantas has pulled out of so many cities in the last decade can be attributed to a change in the market, and a lack of appropriate aircraft. If the 787 was present 15 years ago, I'm positive qantas could've held onto Frankfurt, and had a larger presence in regions where they dont today. Robert it's narrow-minded to pin this all on Qantas. In the late 90's, British Airways used to fly to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Today you'll only see them in Sydney. 

Time's have changed, and Qantas is adapting in the best way that it sees fit.

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