Is QF domestic business class worth it?

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Is QF domestic business class worth it? I'd probably be only buying the upgrade using points and for longer trips like MEL to CNS.


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Depends what is valuable for you. I recommend to check your flight details to see if dining is included as dinner / breakfast etc, or refreshment.

For short haul sector, you may ask yourself  if its justifable $700 flight in at the quieter end of the plane enjoying cauliflower soup and sourdough for a 55min afternoon flight.  


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Like Charlieg just mentioned, its definitely a matter of personal opinion.

I personally believe domestic J class, either on QF or VA, is only worth it if you use points or complimentary upgrades (In VA platinum case) for longer sectors, like East - West coast, or MEL/SYD/BNE to DRW or CNS.

Other than that I would say points are best saved for international upgrades or reward seats.

Again however, that is only my personal preference.



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I'm with Gian on this

And it helps if it's a dinner/lunch flight


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Sure, if your company pays for your travel.


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IMO, not worth it on the shorter legs.

Interesting to see that Air NZ has done away with domestic business and international first classes and is making a tidy profit that it reinvests in new planes. Perhaps Qantas should consider the same for all flights under three hours. Is business class justified on short haul? Or would they lose key corporate custom to Virgin? It would simplify the business model and cut costs allowing them to focus on providing better service and perhaps bring forward key aircraft investment decisions.


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It's all about value for money !! If you are used to luxury and being pampered then you pay the money and enjoy the service.if money is tight forget domestic buisiness and wait till you can .if you are young and have young children forget domestic buisiness as it's to costly .if you have worked hard all your life and are successful you may fly Buisness all the time it's all about horses for courses and the final decision is yours! 

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Jono, you think a flight MEL-CNS is a long trip.  Don't waste your points on such a trip.  Just endure it.

Keep your points for a seriously long-haul flight such as LAX or LHR.  That's when you'll really appreciate an upgrade.  Similarly, if one can afford to pay cash for a premium cabin, it's better to keep your cash for the long-haul flights.

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