Do you think FF status important when flying business class?

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Do you think FF status important when flying business class?


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Sorry, I accidentally posted my question before finishing it! What I meant to ask is this: 

When flying in J do you think VA Platinum, Star Alliance Gold, or Skyteam Elite Plus gets you better service or any other benefits over J pax with no status? Has anyone with, say Aegean Gold, felt that they have received better service on another Star Alliance airline because of it? Note that I am not asking about flying in Y, only J.

Obviously OneWorld is a different story with first class check-in and lounge access, but what about the other alliances?


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No. I am platinum with QFF and gold with Velocity - flying in QF F or J class (domestic and international) and VA J class, I find no difference in service compared to when I was statusless. I notice variations in service from flight to flight but reckon it's due to differences in cabin crew performance. The VA CFM on yesterday's 6AM ADL-SYD was rather chirpy and attentive, but he treated other J class pax the same.


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The main value-add (with Qantas) for being higher tier status is the rare opportunity to get an operational (ie., free) upgrade.  I've been Platinum with Qantas for +10 years and I've had around 4 international free upgrades with Qantas from business to First (London to Singapore and Sydney to LAX) and maybe 3-4 domestic upgrades from economy to business.  Interestingly, I've also had around 4 free upgrades with BA (One World ticket) who I have no status with - so guess the Emerald status also kicks in with those guys. Other than that, you'll occasionally get a Pursor look you up on the computer if you're in Economy and come and say "hello".


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I find that flying buisiness 80 percent regularly and first 20 percent off the time the only benefits are if you are one world emerald or equiverlent then you get to use the first class facilities such as check in and lounges which are superior to the buisiness lounges ,and you get priority when the flight is delayed at airports  and you need to board another fight also you get bonus FF points for your status apart from that not much except in countries  like NZ  that do not have a domestic buisiness class .i appreciate having a high level of status mainly when there are delays and flights are cancelled as computers will take over and priorities by status levels if there is another fight with only a few seats left .hope this helps !!


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I can tell you in terms of Virgin there is no different treatment for platinums/golds in J class except from the supervisors that are ex EK or SQ (which there aren't many).


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On MH J I've seen passengers with status have their meal preference taken first.


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I am BA Gold (Oneworld Emerald) and have received better recognition of this on Cathay and Qantas than on BA itself!


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Platinum with Virgin and Emerald oneworld for several years and have not had any preferential treatment in Business class whatsoever .Especially  on Virgin no recognition at all however if your flight was in economy you have enhanced seating choice .



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The only thing I've found is that on VA that I normally have my meal order taken first as a plat ff regardless of where in the J cabin I am seated and it is non status holding guests that miss out if something is popular...


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Thanks for your responses. I am a fairly frequent traveller (about 15-20 long & shorthaul J class flights per year - 90% outside Oz). I always choose my airline based on price and convenient flight times/routing. I am not loyal enough to one airline or alliance to attain a high status. I have ended-up with Aegean Gold, QF LT Silver, VA Silver, and AF Silver. So a collection of fairly worthless cards considering I nearly always fly in J. Perhaps in my situation FF status is not so important (apart from earning points).

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