Are Qantas attempts to re-enter the Vancouver market token.

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Are Qantas attempts to re-enter the Vancouver market token.While i initially applaud the better utilization of aircraft have they lost the plot or may be i am nuts.Just a hand full of seasonal flights in aged fuel guzzler.And further more a new sector vying for the mostly leisure market.This announcement comes when most families and couples have long made plans and reservations for skying during the Australian summer vacation period as travel experts will tell us.And the loads, where does that come from shared one world info or does the QF reservations system belatedly show a massive increase in pax travelling thou LAX with on connects to Vancouver.I mean really get that fuel guzzler on daily flights to Santiago where the is a corporate market to sustain it or even more additional daily flights to the US where the money is.And by the way the best time for snow in Canada is February.

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im going with 'nuts'


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Let's be more gracious. Robert has a point.

It makes more sense to me if Qantas made the decision because politicians and top brass Canberra civil servants want to go on holiday in Vancouver (i.e. the Qantas version of Thai Airways changing it's network and fleet deployment to fit the royal family's whims).

If this is purely a business decision, I'm left scratching my head!

There has to be some sort of confirmed demand at the front end of the plane to justify the business decision. And I cannot imagine businesses suddenly factoring Qantas into the equation for flights to Canada, knowing that Qantas has been ruled out on this sector yonks ago.

So there must be a constituency out there offering Qantas this "confirmed" demand for it to make sense.


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I agree Santiago is probably a better destination for the qantas 'market' but the usa has been so succesful for qantas, so i could imagine Canada been one of the few markets poor old qantas could actually make money on. ( that is if the amazing large number of 6 return flights is a hit ) :)


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Is there anything Qantas can do that will ever make you happy?  It's damned if you do, damned if you don't.  Frankly I am impressed with David's continued patience in allowing you to use AusBT's Q&As board as a soapbox for your endless childish tirades.

Oh, and have they heard of spaces after full-stops over at Lake Tahoe?



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I live in Vancouver and was pretty excited to see Q back at YVR.. until I saw it was for 6 visits. Yawn.....  BTW... they are probably here due to the fuel tax holiday the local provincial government offers


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Friends, I think we're all missing the point here.  Last week Qantas signed a codeshare and interline agreement with Canadian carrier Westjet; this is a purely tactical decision to support the new alliance by funelling traffic onto Westjets' metal.

Nothing sinister here - just a rational calculation to support a new reality.


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A Bit silly really this time ago.I haven't gone back to Canada since 1990 but back then Qantas out of Sydney put people on a service to Honolulu and the Vancouver lot changed at that time to the plane that started it's journey in Brisbane or Cairns depending on the day of the week.If I was able to return I would like to see either a Year Round One Stop via HNL with the A330 OR A NONSTOP using the 747's.


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When you see how much they are charging 'leisure' travellers on this route during peak season you will realise why its a good idea to operate it...


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Somebody call the waaaaahmbulance. It's simple supply and demand in operation. 


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I'm not sure that six flights is going to provide too much data on whether or not the route is worth it. However, kudos to Qantas for dipping their toe in the water and trying something new amidst a seas of red ink and pessimism.

For me, I see the key to success here as selling it as a better option into North America then LAX. As a frequent economy passenger without status that allows me to breeze through customs queues and baggage claim, avoiding LAX could be a valid selling point. Seems to be one for DFW.

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