QF650 Business class Perth-Brisbane. Worth the points?

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QF650 Business class. worth the points?

Hi everyone. I am looking at going to Perth the first week in November. I am planning on flying back to BNE on 10/11/2014. Using points it'll be 36000 points to buy a business class ticket on QF650. As it's a 7:30 flight, I wouldn't use the lounge (not even sure it's open tat time anyway?). Does anyone reckon it's worth it? I am thinking of going overseas next year and points could come in handy, but again, that trip isn't guaranteed. Or am I better off booking an economy seat on Qantas and using points to try and upgrade (QFF Silver)? Thanks


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The Lounge opens at 5:30am so it is open. I don't think it's worth It, Use the points for a nice trip next year if it becomes more of an oppotunity because of angle/lie-flat beds on offer on overseas trips which is a great. I'm not a master on QFF really, So ill leave that to others to answer.



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If you were travelling the other way I would say lock it in, particularly on a dinner flight.. but Perth to BNE is a much shorter flight and the breakfast service is not that exciting. Either upgrade it or save the points for an upgraded on a proper long haul flight.

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Much shorter meaning half an hour


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I wouldn't bother. You don't even have a Business Lounge at PER.

I've flown in the Business cabin on the transcontinental service. It cost me only 7,500 miles more than a redemption in Economy (redeeming via Aadvantage). While it was a pleasant flight, I could not imagine why anyone would pay retail for such flights.

It dawned on my looking around the cabin that there are either a bunch of rediculously rich people in this country; rich enough to waste money on such a short flight  or a bunch of fools who happily wreck up credit card debt. Either way, I realised then this was not my kind of crowd and I'd be far happier having sat at the back of the plane.

If I were you, I'd save the points for an international upgrade or redemption, where Qantas Business Class is very very decent (well assuming you're on an A380). Or hang in there till they refurbish their A330 to the new product.


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Definately not worth it. Save your points for longhaul pointy end travel. The business class products currently in the market show their true worth on longhaul overnight flights, end especially when an arrivals lounge awaits at the other end (Qantas ... are you listening!)

I would predict you would regret spending the points to do the flight in business.



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IMHO not worth it. Only good use of points is use them for classic award (or upgrade) on business class for long international trips and espessially so overnight. It is no big deal to sit in economy on single leg for few hours.



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Hey Doubleplatinum...  For the record the average flying time coming back from Perth is over an hour quicker to BNE than the West bound flight.. the concept of prevailing winds is probably beyond you. You'll note that the flight path is often quite different as a result.  Here's the last month of stats for a couple of QF services; https://flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA767  and http://flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA650


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The return legs from Sydney & Melbourne were invariably shorter as well not too long ago...

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