Has anyone heard of or had anything to do with "flybusinessforless.

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Has anyone heard of or had anything to do with "flybusinessforless.com" in relation to booking discount business and first class air tickets. Ay feedback would be appreciated.


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Hi Joey

I did talk to these guys about some airfares. I even spoke to a guy on the phone from their office in SFO.

Effectively there are like Alpha Flight Guru and a few other like "consolidator" ticket merchants.They dont really have spceial arrangements in place as they make out on their site. 

What they do is to buy up FF miles/points and use these to purchase " award" tickets from the airlines which they in turn sell to you.  The guy I spoke to was pretty open and honest about this.  

The risk you take is that an airline may revoke the ticket or not honour it as some programs prohibit the resell of points to third parties.  Also the tickets are non refundable and may not be changed once purchased. For example, one condition I have come across in the past when reading the fine print was that if you happen to miss a  connection ( for whatever reason), the balance of your ticketed trip may not be useable as you failed to fulfill a particular sector as stipulated.

I'm not even sure travel insurance would cover such tickets.

You also dont earn any FF points or credits. I personally have never been couragous enough to try one these fares because of the very restricted nature and little room for unforseen circumstances.

 If you have no particular loyalty to an airline and dates of travel are flexible I think you could  find reasonable business/first prices via carrier like China Air/ Eva depending on your destinnation of travel.

I think the issue of consolidator fares have been discussed in the Q&A forum by some very experinced travellers so please have a look through.

Hope this helps a little.


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Have had two bad experiences with this company over last two years. Only booked second time as they offered $1500 credit for first stuff up. This time major dramas with Etihad cancelling tickets and being offered rubbish airlines with totally unaccepatble travel times. Beware Zeke Abramsky and Reuvin Rivkin ( supposed Execs at Fly Business for Less) who want to ring and try and sweet talk you into some kind of deal.Zeke rang when my first booking went wrong and told me they could not refund money only credit towards another flight, then told Michael Gebbicki in an interveiw fr Traveller magazine they dont offer credits if it goes wrong? I lodged a claim through Amex on ly to be told by Zeke they could no longer issue refund as money was tied up by credit card company. Ranf Amex they said this was rubbish as the claim had not even been processed yet. Any way they could refund any time to close case. With such utter lies coming from senior executives i dont know how anyone come trust booking with them.


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You can achieve the same results your self by buying points in the relevant North American airline's FF Program. Especially when they're offering bonus miles.  Better when you have multiple people involved, ie you buy some, friend 1 gifts some to you as does friend 2.  You do the same for them and you all end up with the ability to book premium seats for a fraction of the selling price.  


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Would not touch with a 40' barge pole, buy your own miles if you want to save big time from the likes USAirways or Alaskan Airlines when the big bonus deals are on. 



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Long thread about topic: http://www.ausbt.com.au/qa/anyone-ever-used-guys-like-alpha-flight-guru-or-fly-luxury-for-less

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