• Hopefully this will lead to a more enhanced premium lounge area or new offering for P and P1 out of BNE.

  • As an add on my ESTA was cancelled I think based on questions about names of parents and their nationality. 

  • I doubt it given developments over the last 24 hours. It appears as though those nationals holding passports from countries in the Visa Waiver Program will not be admitted. I had to attend the consulate to obtain a visa( for travel next week) given my Iranian heritage even though I was born here ...

  • I'm on QF 15 on Friday 14 October. Flight load in Business is light.  First-time points upgrade request as a Plat and it came through at T-60 which was a pleasant surprise given the usual 48 hour notification period for Plats. Previous points upgrade as a Gold 5 years ago came through about ...

  • I have to say I'm probably on the other end of the scale, probably mananged to get the high point on the inconsistency bell curve.  On my last 5 international flights over 2 years  I have had a personal greeting from the CSM and some chit chat about my destination or " how was business"...

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  • I suspect the airlines are still struggling so you'll pay the higher fares to prop up the business as much as possible (to be expected I guess!) with costs cut from other offerings like meals etc... . Post Covid it does present an opportunity perhaps to be more efficient ( i.e offering meals thr...

  • Status support Reversal

    Apr 07, 2021, 12:56 PM

    The QF website specifically calls out the gifting of "50% of your annual Status Credits needed to keep your status"... full line below: My status end date is 31 January 2022 or 28 February 2022, am I eligible for the status extension? No. Only members with a status end date between 31 March 2021...

  • Status support Reversal

    Apr 07, 2021, 12:50 PM

    Ouch! the sense of humor cheer squad is out.... LOL!

  • Status support Reversal

    Apr 07, 2021, 10:37 AM

    Yes, noticed mine had been reversed this morning... probably a system error issue....or its a small nudge to go to NZ 15 times before 31 March 2022 to retain WP :)

  • First world problems LOL!!! 2020 is a year to reflect and be grateful!

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