Jetstar Business 787 Melbourne to Bali - Worth the $$

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Jetstar Business 787 Melbourne to Bali - Worth the $$


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No in a word. Travelled in j last year daytime flight. At check in economy passengers passed in front at j queue as theirs was at least 1 hr long.  On board the seats are ok but you cannot eat if the person in front reclines. Much to the distress of my 2 year old who had to wake up, and sit up, so my fellow passenger behind could eat his dinner!  Food ok but desert is ice cream OR cheese not both?  Apparently not enough space to bring both for the small no of j clients. No priority bags.  This was a useless service, but you get what you pay for.  The business service on Virgin is at least a true business service with priority immigration, baggage and Australian crew. I am flying home next time via SIN on emirates. Never again jetstar.


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Just came back from BKK on JQ in Business Max on a 787 flight. I agree with most of the previous comments. However if Status Credits are important to you it is a very inexpensive way to get 120 SC, half price compared with QF ( it tipped me into Platinum for another year). But you do get what you pay for. The seats are much the same as QF Prem. Econ. quite good for a day flight, but not so good for an overnighter. The food is OK for the price as are the drinks. The cabin crew are South East Asian, very helpful but nowhere near as good as QF/BA cabin crew, again you get what you pay for. We had business check in at BKK as well as priority boarding, which worked well and was well policed. We also got Fast Track at MEL which saved a lot of time as Border Control in MEL was extremely busy. If you expect QF business class you will be very disapointed, but why would you expect QF business when you pay half the price on JQ? ( bear in mind the cost difference between JQ Business and Business Max)  If neither status credits, frequent flyer points or business lounges matter to you and the flight is less than six hours and you want as cheap as possible then the back of the "bus" is possibly a better option. I fly a lot of business on QF, BA and AY. AY is the cheapest and again not as good as QF and BA, so again you get what you pay for.  In short, as long as you know what you are getting and depending on what you aim for I think it is worth the money.


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Fly  Garuda  airlines ,about the same price, has a true Buisiness class,and processes your visa in flight saving time on arrival


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Flew JQ J to SYD-HNL return a 18 months ago.

Seat is roughly a QFi Premium Economy seat in leather.  

IFE provided was the iPad.  Limited selection and not particularly current movies.

Meals were ok.  Service was basic, very difficult to get a flight attendant to get a drink between meal times (no I wasn't lazy I got up each time!!!).


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The seats on the 787 are slightly different, and they have seatback IFE in both classes. But I'd imagine the service would be the same on the 787 and the A330.

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