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What is Jetconnect? I have to do a project about New Zealand airlines and Jetconnect came up and I can't find a livery for this airline and on my paper, it said it hasn't ceased operations.


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Jetconnect is the "holding company" for Qantas in New Zealand. It flies between New Zealand and east-coast Australian cities. They main reason they do this is to reduce costs of having to maintain Australia-based/Australian staff on those routes by employing them in New Zealand with NZD dollars.


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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jetconnect - everything you need to know. The livery is the same as Qantas' standard livery, except for a small "Operated for Qantas by Jetconnect" above the Oneworld logo at the front door.

The airline used to operate domestic services in New Zealand (under the Qantas brand), but these were all transfered to Jetstar a few years ago.


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Jet connect also staffed the former A330 service from AKL-LAX, which makes may wonder why QF couldn't make it competitive when there was only one other competitor with the same cost base...I also think Jetconnect is an example of how QF could run most of the Int. division based out of say Singapore, QANTAS flight XX by 'Red Q'....


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This video explains it well - http://www.flight.org/blog/2011/06/02/video-qantas-our-national-outsourcer/

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