Chances of upgrading Sydney-Santiago on Qantas?

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Chances of upgrading Sydney-Santiago on Qantas?


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I have enough Qantas points to upgrade from Economy-Business flying SYD-SCQ but I'm wondering if it's worth paying the extra $600 just for the chance...

I'm flying on a Wedesnday in November.

If it's not worth it. I'll just book LAN for a considerably cheaper amount. Obviously if I could get an upgrade (even just one way) it's worth it. Thanks for th help!! 


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Presumably you mean SCL (Santiago, Chile). SCQ is a different Santiago (in Spain), and Qantas don't fly there.


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Yep, that's exaclty what I mean. Santago, Chile :-)


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Maybe you need to sign up to Expert Flyer. They will give you the PRO service which discloses this info free for 5 days. That way you could see if there are actaully seats available in the "upgrade" class.



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It is always a gamble. Even if seats available you never guaranteed – it may be way too many pax with higher status. I personally do not play this upgrade game and rather choose what it suitable for me in worst case scenario and then put request for an upgrade with hope pretty much as when I cross those 6 numbers in tattslotto.


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I am P and have yet to secure an international points upgrade


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Isn't it possible to upgrade on LAN with Qantas points? I remember them announcing something about that at one stage..


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So as I understand (from friend who is a QF CSM )as it is a codeshare with LATAM a proportion of seats in business are "owned" by LATAM. As such QF cannot upgrade QFF to these seats, which my friend mentioned is embarasing when a Platinum sees the empty and they can't be offered the seat.   The advice is that it is rare to never passengers get upgraded on this route with QF. The flights are busy flights regardless.

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