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SIM card for Europe. Best solution


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I'd reccomend using a European carrier SIM since the Aussie ones will rip you off no matter what. If you are based in Sydney (MEL one is temporarily closed) then go to SimCorners and get the SIM depending on where you are going to in Europe, they also have a website and I believe you can pre-order them or something too. 

I've heard 3 (the carrier) has some sweet UK and Europe roaming plans so you should check them out.


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Im thinking about the 3uk sim too but the thing that has me on the fence is that the credit and roaming only works for calls to the UK if i understand the Feel at Home thing. Or do you have experience with that sim and it can be used to call back ro Aus in the cap? I think the simcorner guys suggested buying some recharge credit if i wanted to call places like Aus. Also while the data is generous you technically can't tether on them.  

Simcorner recommended the go Europe sim pack if i wanted to call back to Aus but the rates and data costs are not so great. 

So i guess its convenience of 1 number vs cheaper plans with new sim in each location 


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If you're just in the UK I would go with O2. You get a £20sim which includes 4gb data 3000 text and minutes of calls to uk if you receive a call from aus it's free and to make a call it costs 1p per min to landlines {2cents per min} or 14p per min to mobiles in Aus. It's 4g and I had no network issues in the uk with it. 

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The Three(3) SIM gives you 12GB of data in any of the Feel at Home countries, but only voice calls & texts to the UK.  Whilst tethering works fine in the UK it doesn't work when roaming in a Feel at Home country.  If you want to use the 3 SIM to make local voice calls then you'd need to add some cash credit to your account.  I use Skype in such situations.


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The cheapest option is to get a new sim for each country in Europe, not as convenient but far cheaper and often with many more gb of data. 


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Orange Spain Go Europe SIM tuMundo.

You need to buy it off eBay. 1 euro per 100MB per day on prepaid anywhere in the EU. Days where there is no use, no charge. I found it to have really good value for money if you only need internet


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Somewhat depends on where you land first - for activation....

There is a very useful wiki on the web that has detailed coverage of the latest Euro options - both the 3 UK and Orange Spain cards mentioned above are mentioned.

Google for: wiki prepaid-data-sim-card

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