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QF19/20 Loads..........


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Whast the go with business class availaiblity on these flights? A a Platinum I never even get close to getting an upgrade cleared and I notice that particuarly on Fridays, its sold out weeks in advance. Why so popular?


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I'd say it's because people prefer Qantas to PAL.

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And i say ...why not??  Maybe there are enough people who are actual paying passengers to fill the cabin. Especially on a Friday!! And maybe there are others (including Plats/Plat 1/Chairmans etc) who are higher in the upgrade pecking order than you. And not all flights to all destinations will have upgrade availability. I would have thought that as a Plat, you would realize there are many/varied reasons why.


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Geez....tough crowd. I was simply trying to get an understanding on why the route is so popular. Not complaining that I cant get an upgrade, the reference to my status was to reinforce how how high the loads in J are. I fly on all the QF asian routes and this one is by and far the busiest which surprised me.


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QF does not service MNL daily. And PAL is not a carrier most want to fly with. Taken together, load would be high. As such availability of upgrade inventory is low. 


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Given the Philippines is one of our largest outsource providers there is a surprising amount of high tier exec traffic going that way and most would bug out on a Friday so they can get to their final destination over the weekend. 


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Surprises me too, I had assumed it would be an easy one to snag.  From a position of total ignorance, I had assumed it was a route mostly populated by leisure travellers and migrants visiting families, etc.  Hadn't thought about exec traffic going to outsourcing centres, makes sense.


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QF19/20 during peak months is the highest load factor route in the Qantas international market. It was 98% las January 


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If it's so popular, why don't they make it daily, or add service from Melbourne? 


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I have had similar experiences, the only Asia route I am less likely to get an upgrade is the early Singapore-Sydney flights going either way (QF81/82).  

I've also been thinking that with the Manila flights, one cause could be the big difference in service/product/reputation between QF and PAL, particularly because the prices are often similar.  On top of that, PAL is also not in an alliance.  Also, it changes during the year but it's not a daily flight and sometimes only three or four times per week so with a fair number of execs who will only fly QF, the business cabins fill up.

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