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Hi all,

We have an 18 hour layover in Singapore, landing somewhere around 12am and taking off at 8pm I believe. It's been a few years since we didn't transit, so was wondering what a good hotel would be. Something nearby and without much hassle would be great, we generally just want to explore the main CBD, and an idea of time for check-in would be appreciated as well. Thank you very much!

P.S. we are going around December 20, not expecting anything to be cheap but anything reasonable for 3 people would be good enough.


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There is the airport transit hotel which you access before immigration (follow the signs). I have used this once and it is good enough and if I recall correctly very good value. You receive free access to the airport roof top pool too I think.

I've also stayed at the airport Crowne Plaza, whilst nice it is very expensive.


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I'd recommend Rendezvous Hotel. It's normally outside of the pricey range and it's a great 4 1/2 star hotel. It's close to an MRT station, as well as Raffles, Chinatown, Orchard Road and Bugis.

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Highly recommend both Hotel Majestic in Chinatown or Hotel Vagabond in Little India. Staff at both are awesome and, if the plan is to do a bit of exploring, both hotels provide you with a free phone with unlimited calls to Australia (and possibly your destination country) and free data. Great to have google maps to hand if you are going to walk around. Vagabond is a bit quirky (think QT Sydney, though smaller) while in  Majestic all the rooms vary (I've stayed in two), with those facing the street the best.


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Given that you only have 18 hours (and your late arrival time), I would go for the Airport Crowne Plaza if it meets your budget. ABT published a review recently. Go down to the basement and catch the MRT into the CBD.


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I would have to agree with BHL. You cannot go past the Airport Crowne Plaza. Easy access via the MRT for a trip into the centre of Singapore in the morning.


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Check out my review -

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There are a few new services like travel app 'As You Stay' designed for transit passengers who only need to book for a few hours. However, the promise of saving on a nice hotel by paying for the 18 hours you need, rather then standard rates does not always seem to hold true.

Sometimes the rates you get quoted through these services can be equal to or greater then simply booking direct through the hotel. (On another note, Hotel Vagabond looks nice).


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I spent 24hrs between flights recently.A good hotel was the Mecure Roxy Singapore. They have a free airport and city shuttle. Flew in at night and spent the next day sightseeing. They gave me a late checkout 4pm and I caught the shuttle back to the airport for a 10pm flight. 

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