Singapore Airlines seat selection on Virgin codeshare

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Hi guys,

I've got an SQ flight SYD-SIN next week which I've booked as a VA codeshare.

I rang SQ to allocate seats and was told that I am unable to do so until 48 hours before. Also online it seems I'm unable to pick my seat.

This seems crazy! 

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Is there another way I should be going about this? Any help would be appreciated :)

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Hi - I have been advised if you ring Virgin Reservations, ask them for the SQ PNR Number.  You can use this number on the SQ Website to do your seat allocation

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How is it crazy? If you want seat selection ability choose the SQ coded flight like I do, it's pretty much how every codeshare works!


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I have had this issue a number of times flying SQ booked through VA. On my last flight neither VA nor SQ were able to help me with seat selection, even with the SQ PNR number. I just had to make do with the seats that Virgin automatically assigned on booking. It is a bit unfortunate. 

I love flying SQ but the seat selection issue + the very average Krisflyer Gold lounge at Changi are real turn offs.


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I have also had problems with trying to make a seat selection and particularly wanted to get an SQ P seat,  when on an LH codeshare booking.  I now tend to avoid all code shares, but recall some time ago being able to choose seats on an AA flight when on a QF ticket.  So are there some codeshares that allow seat selection and how do you know before you have a booking and try?


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Thanks all for the suggestions. Looks like I'm at the mercy of the seating gods :(


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I fly Perth- Sing about once every 2 months. I too hate this process. I am platinum with virgin/velocity but I too am unable to select my seat at the pointy end . Also only 48 hrs before departure can i select a seat down the back !!!! crazy . I love SIA but will fly another partner airline if available due to this :-( 


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If you book through an agent, they can request the seats for you

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