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People boarding late. I have never been late and I am intolerant to people boarding late. No excuses. Airlines should simply leave rather than wait. There's nothing to stop you from leaving your house/hotel or whereever you are - EARLY.


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You never know when you'll be the one held up for reasons completely outside your control, and faced with a 24 hour wait for the next flight home. You'll be singing a TOTALLY different tune then.


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Then that's my bad luck - wouldn't want to be sharing that bad luck with everyone else on that flight


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If the late passengers have baggage this needs to be found and removed. Thus it is easier to wait for them instead  for a few minutes.


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Suggest you get your own jet.  That way it will take off whenever you want it to. :-)


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You're not German are you? LOL


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Think about it from an airlines perspective.

If they don't wait, the passenger will complain to anyone they can, demand a free flight, and state that they will never fly that airline again because "my flight was half an hour late last time, why can't i be a few minutes late?!". In my experience the casual Australian traveller has no loyalty and expects the world for their cheapest discount fare.

Then if they do wait, the flight will be delayed, possibly miss departure slots, down the line delays will be incurred and the person at the next port will be complaining about the delayed flight. But, as tronixstuff said above, by the time you remove the bags the passenger has likely shown up and getting the bags back on will be twice the trouble.


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About the luggage - lets put it this way. This passenger will not be late again!

When chosing an airline - who would consider the fact that an airline will wait for them in their purchase decision?

Even if you wait and don't remove the bags - there's no guarantee they'll turn up

As you said - there are no loyalty anymore. Make a stand. Give them 5 minutes. Close the gate. Remove the bags.

And no I am not German - I dislike waiting for 15-20 minutes for those who for whatever reason lost track of time.


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All well and good to say. But reality is there's often delays that are out of your personal control.

I had an instance a couple of years back. Two connecting flights in BKK, the inbound flight was delayed leaving due to weather. The departing flight from BKK was brought forward. Consequently despite my best efforts, and planning i missed the departing flight by a few minutes. The biggest issue was acutally BKK immigration/customs which took forever!

Due to no fault of my own, i then had to wait 6 hours, and spend an additional amount on change fees, food/drink etc etc. Had they waited just a few minutes i would have made the flight.

(departing flight was an air asia x flight, so no connecting PNR).


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Good on you Andie! I really appreciate a considerate traveller, shame there are not more of you. Sure there are sometimes circumstances that those onboard aren't aware of, but I think we need to be more considerate of those we are travelling with. Just like if you have luggage in the hold, there's no need to rush out of your seat and barge past fellow travellers when you're going to just end up waiting at the carousel.


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Airlines are dammed if they do and dammed if they dont.....at the airline I'm involved with we will start getting the bags off, and if the pax is lucky enough to arrive before we find the bags, all well and good. However, once the bags are off thats it ! As by that time we have ammended the paperwork etc to reflect pax numbers and bag numbers have changed. All this has to be done before the departure time so the plane can pushback on time. If we waited and waited till the last minute, then looked for bags etc it would be worse.....

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