Can I book a ticket for a friend and get the frequent flyer points?

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I need to earn about 100 more Status Credits to get to Gold membership, I'm a little busy to take an extra trip only for the points... can I book a trip for a friend and use my FF number? Or does the name on the ticket need to match the FF account? If not, I guess I could book with my name and get him to take the flights since they don't check ID matches boarding for Aus domestic flights?

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The ticket name does need to match the frequent flyer account, and I'd say trying to get around things would be pretty inadvisable. If the airline found out, they'd be well within their rights to cancel your frequent flyer account entirely.


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Easier if you book on Jetstar using your name and your FF #


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You can certainly do it because one of the so called security flaws in the nxt generation check in is that you no longer have to provide ID if you arent checking in bags... if you are carrying bags and have the RFID tags you dont need to either.

So the question is if you are prepared to take the relative small risk.

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wilsoni Banned

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It's theoretically possible, but strictly it's fraud. What I have never understood is - if a seat is bought and paid for by someone, why won't airlines allow it to be used by someone else nominated by the buyer? What difference does it make to the airline? The change could easily be made online before the check-in process. Why shouldn't miles/status go with the purchased seat, not its occupant? Why if a booking is "no-showed" does the purchaser lose both the money and the miles/status? It's a win/win for the carrier and a lose/lose for the flyer. Just another abuse of market power I guess.


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Fellow buys 100 airline tickets to Europe as soon as they become available for say $800 one way. June rolls around and he sells them off using "name-change permitted" function for $1300 each. lose/lose for the airline. Rules are there for a reason.


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No dont Book, depending on where you live booma J multi sector BNE-SYD-CBR rt gets 160 SCs for $1200

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