• Mar 12, 2018, 05:57 PM

    I could be the exception here, but I really struggle to get my head around sitting in one seat for 20 hours (even if in F or J) rather than the existing 23 hours with a stop over.I know they say that time is money, but is the imperative to get to London quicker as a passenger than strong?(Feel fr...

  • Wolfgang Puck comes to Sydney Airport

    Feb 08, 2016, 02:56 PM

    As someone who flew out of T1 at Christmas and was on a non partnered airline (thus no lounge) I'd have killed for these options given the lack of food options. I might be in-Australian but you can keep PieFace! Even if I did have lounge access I'd consider them for something a bit different.

  • My 9yo loves her QFF card to make her feel special as she walks into the Qantas Club - I love stripping her points occasionally #baddad

  • Spot on with 'Disgusting' fxdxdy - The indians aren't exactly known for exceptional taste in colour schemes or subtleness :)) ... Mind you if i hadnt been paid in 3-4 months I'd be looking to pilfer everything that was and wasnt bolted down too. I'm not sure i would want to try a Cavier Biryani ...

  • No more having to turn the paper back on itself, trying to stop knock arms with the person next to you on the plane.

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  • You can certainly do it because one of the so called security flaws in the nxt generation check in is that you no longer have to provide ID if you arent checking in bags... if you are carrying bags and have the RFID tags you dont need to either.So the question is if you are prepared to take the r...

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