Is Singapore Airlines business class really uncomfortable, or is it just me?

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I have used Singapore Airlines quite a bit recently up through Asia in both PE for daytime flights to and from Singapore and J when my travels take me beyond and found flights to be reasonably comfortable. Did a recent trip to the UK in J and it was awful. The fold down bed is inconvenient and surface quite hard. I am 6"2 and found jamming my feet into the pokey corner just plain awkward. On one leg of the trip I had a bulkhead seat. The TV was too far away and the bed did not have enough length for me to stretch out at all. Dare I say it, Qantas Skybed 2 is more comfortable.


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I find the new generation J quite narrow and short for my feet as well. I generally think it is really good, however it is a downside for me. One thing I try to do is not have to go to Europe as much as I can, as that second flight from SIN to the EU is horrible and it doesn't matter what class I'm in, I'm all fidgety and can't settle in.

While it isn't as private, I really find the Air NZ J comfortable when I'm on my US trips. I think SQ should add in a mattress like NZ and the other herringbone using carriers do.  


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I have flown the 777-300er and the A380 several times in J, admittedly several years ago, and found it very comfortable, and no problem sleeping. The A330-300 SIN-ADL on the other hand is a nightmare.


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I agree, there's a real lack of foot room and the bed isn't especially soft. I will probably be downvoted, but I too prefer Qantas Skybed 2. I don't find it as bad as everyone else seems to, and aside feeling very close to my neighbour in that configuration, I find it quite comfortable.


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I agree with what seems to be a general consensus. I use points now to upgrade from business to first with SIA, i travel monthly from Sydney and for me the 300ER and A380 are both uncomfortable, both are an old product. Even the new seat which i had the luck of traveling on once on the 300ER is small, narrow and still hard. Even the first product which is being upgraded still struggles, on my last trip in April the return leg was the new layout which only had 4 first on the 300ER, the table would slide up or down, the seat kept getting jammed, the supervisor had to jolt it back a few times to unlock it. Then when it was stuck in recline the final time he gave up and gave me a voucher for duty free lol.


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Yes as a long time SQ flyer, I can say that your comments are justified. The fold down bed is like sleeping on concrete. They should think about some kind of topper like you get on several other airlines, e.g.  Emirates.

I'm not tall so the footwell does not pose an issue, but you aren't the first person to mention it.
I find the large seat comfortable in recline mode though.
And totally agree with plad on the A330 SIN-ADL leg, it's about time we got a lie flat!


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I find that SQ must be one of the few top airlines that has such a large mish mash of hard products accross their fleet. The A330 is a angled flat seat and horrible, 777-200 has 4 variants, 300ER has 3 variants, A380 is now worn and outdated. 

I think they have dropped the ball when it comes to standardising their product. Must cost a lot more to maintain so may different variants.

Its almost become a game trying to guess what type of seat you'll get, the issue that i have is that from Sydney they are the only airline that flies multiple flights daily and direct to Singapore. Scoot is consistent but they have a horrible departure time out of Changi for the return leg.


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I think the main downside is the lack of padding.  I can lie down fine in the bulkhead seats without the foot hole and also feels more open due to the distance of the bulkhead.  I have upcoming flights in SQ J on 77W, A333 and my first time on the A359 so I wonder if that's any better.



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100%. I just did LAX - NRT - SIN. 20 hours travel, 18.5 in the air. I'm 6' 4" and simply don't fit. My wife is 5' 2" and she's fine. For me when I recline the seat the limited legroom disappears completely and it's really uncomfortable anyway. 

What made it worse on this trip was that they had the seat belt sign on for an extended period so we couldn't get the bed converted back to seat. In any other seat you'd simply press a button. 

Funny thing is I was thinking exactly the same thing vs Skybed 2. I'd much rather that than the current SQ offering. 

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I thought it was just me... but yeah I find SQ really uncomfortable for sleeping. the fold down bed is hard as a board, and you always seem to be rubbing against exposed bits of velcro. Unrelated, but the SQ SilverKris lounge in Singapore T3 has been an absolute zoo when I've been through, nicer to sit in the terminal somewhere and order a cocktail. So I've been choosing Cathay and Etihad for my European business trips.

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If you are a side sleeper (like me) it is too hard, a topper would probably fix it - room is not an issue though and I am 195cm with Size 12's
They are still the benchmark as an onboard business class experience


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I just flew on the A350 (MXP-SIN) with the new Business product and absolutely loved it. I'm tall and found the seat as comfortable as anything else in skies. The bed was not too bad either and didn't find it too hard. From my experience, Singapore Airlines are on a whole new level in Business Class compared to the likes of Emirates, Qantas, Qatar and so on. 


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I feel Singapore Airlines losing its mojo ,only the "Singapore Girl" is reason most of my family fly with them.In Business Class facilties ,I feel that they are decade behind the GulF Carriers.


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I don't mind the new lie-flat seat. It's very good for sitting in. :)

As a bed though, it is a bit awkward. The footwell is cramped, the airbag on the seatbelt is uncomfortable (and, one suspects, probably useless), and you will always have your head lower than your feet due to the way the mattress folds over and the angle of the aircraft in cruise (on a 777, at least).

Otherwise, though, I still think its a very good product.


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I flew Etihad and I thought that was a hard sleeping surface... makes me glad I didn’t choose SQ. Their business class is hyped but in reality the wide seat (28”) is not worth the reduced foot space and the discomfort of the bed in general. How can they be number 1 airline globally and have a business class product that people would choose Qantas Skybed II over?

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