Rarely any Business Award availability on VA?

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I'm finding that the Business Award availability with Virgin on Perth - East Coast routes is never available. This is the case even when booking months in advance. Haven't had such an issue with Qantas. What are everyone's experiences?


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There is little business award availability at the moment across all routes. You almost cannot use the platinum upgrades as a result, and worse months in advance you can't secure a reward seat using points. Something isn't right...


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i cant see any availability for the MEL-HKG route as well :\

Michael Kao

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VA has gone downhill so much recently and I agree it's hard to get J seats on long haul widebody aircrafts. Although for 737s it s still quite generous. 

I've given up collecting velocity more than a year now. QF availability is bad, but slightly better than VA due to its one world alliance. 


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Unfortunately this is the by-product of Virgins aggressive approach to grow the velocity base. The last few years have seen some big  product sign up bonus of velocity points  ,  which combined with very friendly status accrual has likely put a lot of points and new members into the market for award seats.   Given that Virgins network is smaller than QF and redemption partners are more limited,  then the current situation was inevitable.   Best option is to use a tool like Award Nexus find some space..  use the points and get the heck out of Velocity. 

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