VA SYD-LAX 7x pw down to 5x

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Hi Community
Seems Virgin has just dropped their daily VA1/VA2 combo between Sydney and LAX down to only 5 days a week - any inside info?
Exisitng passengers on the dropped service can re-route, but do we know where the 777 utilisation is going to ~ March next year?



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I would think maybe maintenance. Virgin doesn't have enough aircraft or slack in the schedule to have an aircraft out for heavy maintenance and still maintain full services


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What days of the week have been dropped? Im booked on VA2 next year..


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Changes are for heavy maintenance. Only a temporary reduction.


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Has Brisbane been reduced? If they stay at 6x wk they will have more frequencies from VA then SYD.


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I would be surprised if they reduced BNE as I hear the loads are very strong on VA and QF are the only other direct competition.


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Maintenance and WiFi.


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Confirmed on Australian Aviation today.


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The following is from the Aus Aviation article today

"There will be three fewer flights a week under the temporary schedule which will be on operation during a two-month period from October 17 to December 5 2017, and again from February 2 to March 23 2018."

Stating one less for Syd and Mel with Brisbane remaining at 6. Fingers crossed my Melb flight in late November has wifi!


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SYD-PEK direct..

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