Business class from NZ - Emirates A380 vs Qantas A330-200

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Hi there,

I am planning a one-way QF return evening flight from NZ – partly for a status run, partly for a treat because it’s comparatively cheap (I cannot usually afford to fly business).

I’m trying to choose between two options – I want to get the best business class experience for my buck.

Option 1 is Auckland-Melbourne on a Qantas A330, but the only seats left are in Row 7 (the mini cabin at the rear, near economy cabin). I have only read bad things about these seats…. but not sure if the negatives are exaggerated. The positive would be that it’s a direct flight, and 4 hours 15 flight time would give me time to relax and enjoy.

The other option is Christchurch-Sydney-Melb on an Emirates A380 and then a Qantas A330. The plus would be that I could have a much better selection of seats to choose from on the Emirates A380, and I would get to experience EK business class within my budget (never flown EK business before!). The negative would be that it’s only a 3 hours 20 flight on the Emirates plane across to Oz, barely time to watch a movie, then I have to transfer in Sydney for a couple of hours to switch to a short flight on the Qantas business class.

I assume that either lounge in Auckland and Christchurch are nothing to write home about…

Which do you think represents the better option for a nice business class experience?


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My travels take me regularly to regional NZ where a connection through either CHC or AKL is equally doable. Much prefer the EK A380 product largely for the greater perception of space on the bigger aircraft. Also I regard the quicker trip as a bonus. The QF A330 is not far behind as long as you do not get the unrefurbished EBG and EBL, these two are simply not competitive. Given you have never experienced business on EK I recommend you give it a go. Yes, the back two rows on the A330 are not the best of choices and your comment on the lounges is bang on!


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Thanks so much ACM, much appreciated.


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Best bang for your buck would be EK AKL-MEL. 24 March 2018 will be the last flight on this route though.

You get the EK AKL lounge + A380 bar at the back.


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Thanks eija, that's a good suggestion. Seems sad that Emirates are stopping the Auckland service.

But I'm looking to get some Qantas status credits out of it, so i need to fly on one of the QF flights on offer.

You sound like you've put the A380 bar to good use :) I might have to check it out, see if I can do some networking

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Business class Emirates A380 is quite unforgettable.


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I had 7A to Singapore, One of the best flights I have ever had!

Additional stowage and very private.


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EK without a doubt, of course with a QF codeshare for those SCs!
The bar and the A380 make it the best way to do an AU-NZ route!


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As above - EK with "QF codeshare for those SCs!"


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Thanks all!

I ended up booking Emirates A380 CHC -SYD, and Qantas A330 SYD-MEL
So I can have the best of both worlds anyway.

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There is nothing best about QF's boring lay back unrefined premium cabins.


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EK A380 hands down. Come on, there's an ONBOARD BAR. need I say more?

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