What is going on with CX partner award availability ex-Australia?

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I'm looking for 1 business class seat from MEL to HKG on CX (booking via Qantas points) in October.

Qantas showed NOTHING on CX for next 30+ days.
Checked on BA, no CX flights available either.
Then called Alaska for final check and they say they had nothing since end of June.
To make the matter worse, HKG-SIN awards on CX used to be plentiful (4-7 in business per flight and 4+ flights per day), and now only Malaysia shows up 1 or 2 business for 1 flight (via KUL) every 1-2 days.
I'm just wondering what matter is going on with CX award spaces?


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It appears to be an "enhancement". CX is no longer as generous with classic reward availability as they used to be.


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Yep, since June 22, when Cathay rejigged Asia Miles, there have been far fewer reward flights available, particularly on flights from Australia.

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CX has just announced another loss in its annual financial report; perhaps it is wanting to maximise commercial fare sales rather than awards (for which they get paid also, but not at the same rate).


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if you have a look 12 months out, they are releasing 4 business seats on most flights.

just booked ADL-JFK in august, and had truckloads of options.


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I have been searching for one J class reward seat from SYD HKG SYD for the following 7 months ,day by day flight by flight absolutely nothing .As a Club member this is extremely frustrating .Prior to 22 June availability was quite good .now dismal in fact nonexistent.They marketed to their members that 20% more redemption seats would be made available after the changes ,this is simply not the case especially for Australian based members in fact there are no seats . I note several blogs complaining about the same issue also out of the US. Asiamiles is no longer a viable FF program especially for us residing in Australia . Seems like Adelaide is the way to go if you book 12 months out or maybe josephjohn84 won the lottery!


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I have just realised the same bad news, I booked myself to London return in J for May next year 12mths out not problems and plenty of choice in all classes. Am now looking to bring a friend over in economy to BNE in Sept/Oct next year and nothing at all. I can get her on the Qantas flight however its a shame for her to fly 27 hrs via SYD instead of 21directly into BNE. I'm QF Platinum and still no luck.

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