Am I being reasonable?

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I'm not sure this is the place to post this, but I wanted to check what the general view of the ausbt readership may be of a situation I found myself in earlier today. For various reasons I found myself having to use one of the PC's in the business centre in the Hotel where I am staying. Had settled in for a couple of hours work (there were a few other people there as well) when an individual came in and proceeded to set up his laptop (this was in a communal work area) and start setting up a teleconference, which he was running, without using any headphones, so the whole room had the benefit of this. There was much looking at each other amongst others in the room as he proceeded to start this at full volume. At this stage the desk at the business centre where the staff member would usually sit was unattended, so I took it upon myself to politely lean over tooth's individual and ask if he minded at the minimum using headphones as the rest of the room probably didn't want to hear his telecon. Well to put it mildly he had a major sense of humour failure. Abusive language, storming out of the room. He found a vacant boardroom to use for his call, but still found time as he left an hour later to stick his head back in and let off another volley of abuse. Now let me stress here, I was perfectly polite, I was very aware of others in the room (I may well have been more 'direct' if I had been the only other person) so his reaction was not a response to me being either rude or abusive. So. Was I reasonable or not? What should I have done in that situation?


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Should have recorded him being on teleconference. Determine who is employer is. Record his volley of abuse. Send videos to employer. If sensitive information was discussed on teleconference, let his employer know what you heard.

But that may be going overboard a little


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I haven't had to do this more than a couple of times over the last few years but I just start mirroring what they're saying. That usually gives them the hint they're being too loud.


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Yes you were being perfectly reasonable. I have experienced the same thing recently. I can't believe how some people think that we want to hear their business conversations!!


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It is completely reasonable to remind said person of their manners. I would've given some hints like pretending to take a phone call whilst mentioning how loud it is or something but I would've done similar without a doubt.


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Completely reasonable - I am more than over the speakers-full-blast, no-headphones behaviour. It’s not considerate of others, and not very strategic if a business conversation.

Experienced an individual in an Emirates lounge conducting a speakers-at-max skype call with small children…loud and distorted, and in full bogan dialect if you know what I mean. Even served himself at the breakfast bar with laptop, while carrying on the call. After about half an hour of incessant squarking I quietly and politely asked him if he wouldn’t mind using headphones, and got a very sharp “oh f**k off you old c**t”. Fully heard by his children. But he did put his headphones on.


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Some people just want to be seen!


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I don't understand how anyone can think that is appropriate? It is the same as people who feel it is appropriate to talk on a mobile phone with the speaker on. It is just plain rude. There is no wriggle room.


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Of course you're being unreasonable. How else was he to let the entire world know how extremely busy and important he was?


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How can any logical person want everyone to hear and see bad manners. This type of behavior is simply First World Bad Behavior. The same sort of rubbish that occupies the first 5 minutes of every evenings news bulletin.


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Should have told him you work for a competitor and heard all the conversation. Thank him for revealing so much information!



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It’s like at a restaurant when someone insists on watching a video with audio up loud. Happened to us recently at the Florentino cellar bar in Melbourne. It’s a small space, the guy was at the next table, I asked politely if he could turn it down. You should have seen the reaction.

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You really have to wonder at some people. You were perfectly reasonable.


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The audacity of some people, no respect for others. I was very blunt with a guy at the gym who decided to make a face-time call in the locker room. He blew up back at me for interrupting his 'important' call. He's no longer a member at that gym.


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The age of entitlement - isn't it wonderful! Good on you for saying something

I just experienced a week of it whilst on vacation at a resort in Bali - I started off polite but by the end of it I was losing it. The 20-something yo Chinese on FaceTime on the their mobiles are the worst....doesn't matter what you say, what you gesture or where you are - they just ignore it and continue on at full volume

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